Friday, February 15, 2013

Accessories Anonymous: What I'm NOT Buying

In this economy, we often find ourselves counting our pennies and making sacrifices here and there to keep our budgets balanced, or just to make ends meet. If we find ourselves with a bit of a windfall, it's easy to run right out and spend it on something we've been coveting. But as much as I'd love to have new duds constantly streaming into my closet, I know that's unrealistic. It's those times that I decide to window shop either in person or on the interwebs. It's the most fun to do online because you don't even have to use any gas or bother putting on make-up.

So, in the spirit of not spending, here are the awesome accessories that I will not be buying anytime soon:

What About Bauble? Necklace, Modcloth, $21.99

I love this necklace. I love the color, I love how it's ENORMOUS and I love its price. Juhree and Sadie both have this exact same necklace in other colors, but this peachy mauve is practically irresistible to me. I will, however, resist. 

White Bloom Studs, Bauble Bar, $24

I love these earrings for the opposite reasons I love that necklace. They are dainty and cute and a little understated. They would work with just about anything from jeans and a cute top to a cocktail dress, they'd be great at work, on a date or out with the girls. Also, they remind me of the giant flower on Carrie Bradshaw's white dress.

Foliroli, Aldo Shoes, $40

You all know how much I love a cute brogue, but when it's also in a luxurious peach suede that's just oh-so feminine, I start to drool uncontrollably. I just stuffed a hunk of bread in my mouth to sop up the saliva. Sorry if that was an over-share. 

O.M.G. I have no words for this bag. That's not true. I have loads of words for it: precious, feminine, lush, delicious, soft, gorgeous, supple, flawless and swoon-worthy to name a few. Too bad my birthday has passed already this year. 

I know this post is focused on accessories, but I can actually picture all of the items above working so harmoniously with this adorable dress from Modcloth: 

In Sage You Will Dress, Modcloth, $74.99

Don't believe me? Look at them all together and you will: 

What I'm NOT Buying

So there you have it: an adorable outfit complete with amazing accessories that I will most definitely NOT be purchasing anytime soon. That, my friends, is self restraint. 

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