Friday, February 22, 2013

Transitioning Your Style

Mastering the art of Day-to-Night outfit design is no small task. Going from the office straight to a dinner date and looking appropriate for both? What about a day spent in client meetings followed by a dinner party? Difficult at best. Day and evening wear are each designed to serve their own unique functions, but not everyone has time to run home between work and an evening event to completely change her outfit. So how do you make daytime outfits transition easily into evening looks? The key is in layering and accessories.

Let's start with this leather skirt and blousy top combination:

Day to Night

Day to Night by rtboo featuring hammered metal jewelry

For the office, keep the look monochromatic and buttoned-up. Close-toed shoes over tights, a fitted blazer and conservative accessories make it completely work appropriate. Remove the jacket and switch out the accessories for pieces that a little more dressy and you're ready for a romantic dinner date. Removing the tights and jacket exposes a little more skin without being too provocative. It's far too much skin for work, but just right for a dinner out. 

The leather skirt and flowy top are both very "evening," so covering them up a little and using accessories to keep them more conservative helps them to transition from day to night. Removing the extra layers (blazer, tights, close-toed shoes) and adding more evening accessories allows them to function with their true intention. 

The same concept can work with a cocktail dress. Imagine it's spring and you're a real estate agent. You have to show a house to a client in the early afternoon and then immediately head over to a bridal shower for one of your girlfriends. There's no time for a full outfit change, so what you wear has to work for both:

Day to Night- Bridal Shower

In both of these outfits, the accessories as very neutral and even though I've chosen two different shoes, it would actually be fine to wear the close-toed shoe for both if you wanted to. Simply tuck the smaller clutch bag into the larger tote and when it's time for the costume change, simply remove the jacket, pull out the clutch and switch your shoes. Done! 

Of course, transitioning an outfit isn't always about going from day to evening or casual to formal. Ultimately, it's all about looking appropriate no matter where you are coming from or where you are going. Look at the pieces in your closet in terms of how versatile they are- what items are appropriate for multiple situations? Can you wear that circle skirt to volunteer in your grade-schooler's classroom as well as to the office? What pieces can you layer together to either dress an outfit up or down? What simple accessories can you change out to make a dress look completely different? 

Here's some more inspiration for you:

Running errands before a casual date:

Transition outfit

From a business lunch to a PTA Meeting:

Transition Style 2

Another work life to personal life transition:

Transition Style 3

I hope this post has inspired you to look at your clothes and accessories in a new way. Leave a comment and tell me what you think and as always, thank you for reading! 

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