Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project Runway: Season 11

So... I'm a little behind the 8-ball on this season of Project Runway. Since I completely avoided the most recent "All Stars" season, I was not aware that the newest season had begun! Fortunately, the seamstresses at work are major fans and they keep me up to date on all of it.

Anyway, I will (obviously) not be blogging every episode, but I figured I'd put in my two cents about the changes this season, since there were quite a few.

First the bad:
- No Michael Kors! I miss his oompa-loompa-esque complexion and his amazing, snarky one-liners delivered in a perfect nasal deadpan. Zac Posen is fine in terms of his taste and judging skills, but no one will replace the incomparable MK when it comes to creative insults.

- Teams! I know that Tim Gunn and Heidi are all, "This is the REAL WORLD!" I just don't buy it. So far, we're three episodes in and the team method has some horrifically bad designs getting through because the rest of the team is stellar, and some other great designs that could be winners that are not being recognized because the rest of the team is so terrible. Also, watching the "Dream Team" crash and burn for three weeks in a row is just painful. Put them out of their misery already, producers!

And now the good:
- Redecorated workrooms! Parsons looks so fresh and new. I love the new workrooms, sewing rooms, and the stew room. All of it is fresh and fun. Last year, the stew room was especially stark, making Tim's entrance at the end to ask the losing contestant to "go upstairs and clean up your space" that much more difficult to watch.
- Fun challenges! I was particularly fond of the Spin uniform challenge- now that's what I consider "real world" stuff. Working with clients to create something stylish and functional is not always easy and the winning team really nailed it.

And just for fun, here are some of favorite designs (so far), by my favorite designers (so far).

Patricia- Episode 1 "NYC Inspiration"

Patricia- Episode 3 "Surprise"

Patricia is definitely a very talented lady. I love how quirky she is. So often there will be someone on the show with a unique background and an even more unique personality and all too often they are eliminated early on. It's as if they were selected more for the TV appeal than their design ability. Patricia seems to be the exception to that and at this point, I truly hope to see her make it to the finals. 

Michelle- Episode 1 "NYC Inspiration"

Michelle Episode 2 "Spin"

Michelle- Episode 3 "Surprise!" 

Michelle is the best example of someone who is currently being overlooked because she is on the losing team. Every singe runway show, she has sent something down that is original, true to her design aesthetic and fashion forward. Had her team won the "Surprise" challenge, I have no doubt Heidi would have chosen her as one of the winners. And for the "Spin" challenge, I felt heartbroken for her. It was a complete waste of a fabulous design. 

Daniel- Episode 1 "NYC Inspiration"

Daniel- Episode 3 "Surprise!" 

Daniel, much like Michelle has shown consistency each week with his design aesthetic and his workmanship. He's earned two wins in three episodes, and in episode 2, it was his design that won as well, but he quite gallantly gave the win to his design partner, Layana. He is obviously one of the most talented individuals we've ever seen on the show and I hope he continues to prove a strong contestant because I would love to see his runway show in the finale.

All in all, this season is off to a great start. I'm looking forward to seeing how the team aspect plays out in the long run. 

Are you watching this season of PR? What do you think of the changes? Of the designers? Of the judges? Leave a comment and as always, thanks for reading! 

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Tim W. said...

I agree with everything you said! I was really worried from the "Meet the Contestants" episode that Patricia would be a "1 or 2 and done" contestant and was really happy when she nailed the first challenge. She's probably my favorite designer of the first three episodes.

I am also more than ready for them to switch up the team format. It feels like watching Survivor, but with more and better looking (mostly) clothes. I'm surprised Tim Gunn hasn't come in and asked the losing designer to put out his/her torch. I'm not opposed to the team format, exactly, but there should be more opportunities to mix the designers so they have to work with different personalities and so the strongest designers aren't unfairly penalized because of bad teammate luck.

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