Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beauty Product Review: Essie "Beyond Cozy"

This time last week, I was snuggled at home, waiting out the superstorm "Nemo" and watching multiple episodes of "Mad Men" on Netflix. There's something about spending two days straight in sweat pants and slippers that just doesn't feel glamorous in the slightest. Indulgent, yes.

If you've ever watched the show, you know that it is meticulously researched for everything from scenic design to costumes to hair, make-up, even the style of beer can that was used in that time. It's amazing, actually. The drama is a bonus; for me the excitement of that show is in the details of the design. One detail that always drives me crazy is all the ladies fingernails. I'm so happy that shorter, more squared-off nails are what's "in" for my generation. The long, pointed look in saccharin shades of red and pink is something I'll never love.

Anyway, in thinking about the nail design of the women on the show, I of course began to consider my own, which 90% of the time is non-existent. The girls at work are always coming in with fresh, fun colors on their nails, but it's just not something I get that into most of the time. Maybe it was all those years playing the piano and getting chips in the polish almost immediately after applying. I hate even the tiniest chip, so when I do paint my nails, it's usually a pale color or french manicure.

But recently, I've been thinking of getting a little more creative with my nail color and style choices. I was stocking up on beauty supplies at CVS not too long ago and I picked up a fun bottle of nail polish that I had yet to try. So, during an episode of "Mad Men" while the snow continued to fall outside, I painted my nails with it. And I have to say, I kind of like it:

You can even see a bit of Don Draper on my laptop in the background of the photo. I am not usually one for glitter nail polish, but this one has super tiny pieces and it's not nearly as thick and clunky as most other glitter polishes. It's still a little rough to the touch, but a couple of coats of clear topcoat helped smooth it out a bit. 

I like that it's different and a little glamorous. It really dressed up my sweatpants. 

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