Monday, February 4, 2013

TV Inspiration: Mad Men

Lately, I've been watching a lot of older episodes of Mad Men on Netflix and while the drama is certainly riveting, it's the clothes that always get me. At first, I thought I'd put together a simple set inspired by the leading ladies:

Mad Men Inspired

But that wasn't enough. I had to put together a set for each of them to feel like I'd really done them justice.

Betty makes me cringe- the way she treats Sally, her quiet desperation, her sudden explosions- she's a complex character, no doubt. She seems to have the most variety, too- evening dresses, day dresses, even pants and maternity wear.

Betty Draper Inspired

Peggy is hands-down the most drab of them all, but it suits her personality:

Peggy Olsen Inspired

Trudy is just so light-hearted and fun- I always love her dresses with their full skirts and fun prints:

Trudy Campbell Inspired

Joan and her wiggle dresses are always so stunning. So fitted, elegant, form flattering, and always in bold colors:

Joan Holloway Inspired

What TV show characters inspire your daily fashion? Check back soon- this week I'm focusing on TV-inspired fashion!

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