Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Not Waiting Until Shoesday Tuesday

Over a year ago, I lusted after Sadie's Fergilicious boots in the loviest tan suede. The boots were so beautiful and flattering, not to mention well-made. The heel was short enough that she wore them to work all the time. Lindsay, our front desk person AND a current fashion school student, loved them, and owned them too. Then, just a few weeks ago, Juhree showed up to work in them! She'd found them on sale at a huge bargain, PLUS they were a really dark shade of grey- almost black. They once again caught my eye and even though I'd seen Sadie and Lindsay wear them over and over, they were still so striking that I couldn't stop staring.

Of course, now that I absolutely MUST have these boots, they're basically sold out everywhere. I was in Famous Faootwear last night with a couple other gals and I saw the non-leather version of them and of course fell in love! I would prefer the real suede version, but even the faux leather is fabulous.

The faux-leather isn't as shiny in real life as it is in this photo, but that's also part of the reason why I'd rather the real leather- it's more of a suede finish, and the dark grey is almost black. I really missed the boat on these and now I wish I'd bought them when they were still available. Anyone out there a size 8.5 who wants to sell me theirs? I'll be forever grateful. 

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