Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yet Another Fashionable Co-worker

Have I mentioned before how incredibly fabulous and fashionable all my co-workers are? They seriously are. I especially love how each woman at the shop has her own unique style and isn't afraid to show it. Kate, one of the alterations staff, looks adorable every day, but last week she wore an outfit that made me drool:

Her ring was my favorite part of the outfit: 

I love it! Although she did mention that the pointy wings on the bird can be a bit hazardous, so she wears it on her left hand to avoid injuring anyone when she shakes their hand. Beauty hurts, even spectators, I suppose. 

Last year I posted more than one blog about pairing a floral sun dress with boots and as you can see from Kate's outfit, it not only works, it's actually a really awesome combination. To see my other fashionable co-workers, Gigi and Sadie, click their names and you'll be taken back to those posts. Also, feel free to leave a comment telling Kate exactly how great she looks! Thanks for letting me post your photo on the blog, Kate! 

1 comment:

SewOm said...

Kate - you look awesome! And I love that ring.

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