Monday, May 2, 2011

Boston Bridal Lounge Visit

As you know, last Friday I spent part of the day in Boston setting up for an event at the Boston Bridal Lounge on Newbury Street in- you guessed it- Boston! It was a lot of fun because I got to go with two fabulous co-workers. We met early to load up the car with mannequins and bridal gowns. With our Starbucks in hand and our fabulous heels on, we made the drive down. Having seen only photos online, I knew the BBL was going to be nice, but I had no idea exactly how nice. The studio itself is immaculately decorated, but the amazing thing is that everything in the decor- from the china on the shelves to the fabulous furniture to the show-stopping chandeliers in the various rooms- is all available from the various vendors that BBL stands behind.

We were there to set up some of our bridal gowns for an event on Saturday. We had to narrow our selection down to just five dresses, but I think we made some fabulous choices:

Gown by Kenneth Pool

Gown by Christos

Gown by Amsale

Of course, none of these photos do these amazing gowns any justice, but you can get a bit of an idea. My favorite is the Christos dress with the flowers- it's a truly remarkable dress in every way- I love it! 

Aside from setting up the mannequins, we were also able to browse through the BBL a bit to see what they're all about. I was even more impressed with them after seeing how everything is set up. In the photo of the Kenneth Pool gown above, you can see the shelves full of binders- their "library" of resources for brides- from photographers to bridal shops to florists and make-up artists, not to mention caterers, bakeries, etc. It's amazing how many they have and yet they are incredibly selective. They want to represent only the best in the business. 

Something else I loved was the enormous "inspiration board" full of photos and fabric samples, and all sorts of other fabulous things:

I mentioned before that this place is an amazing resource for brides and/or couples to make all their wedding dreams come true! I know that we are all excited at Madeleine's to be a part of something so cool, and I'm sure all the vendors who are a part of the BBL are as proud as we are! 

If you are a bride in need of anything for your wedding and you live in the greater Boston area, please make an appointment with the ladies at the Boston Bridal Lounge. You will be thrilled you did! 

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