Wednesday, May 4, 2011

750th Post- A Fabulous Outfit by Brittan

Last week when I was helping set up gowns at the Boston Bridal Lounge, there were some other fabulous and fabulously stylish ladies there. Among them was Brittan McCarthy, the owner of Bella Bridesmaid in Boston. I was struck by her combination of bright, cheerful colors and a bold, but youthful print:

I absolutely adore the bright citrus colors of her sweater and bag- there's not much more she could have done to be the perfect picture of spring. And as for the polka-dots, well, I can't say enough good things about polka dots! These ones are particularly adorable. The dress is demure and perfect for a stylish professional, but the right accessories could also make it a perfect party dress. Regardless, I admire Brittan for sporting such a bold look and really showing off her great personal style. 

Want this look for yourself? Unfortunately, the adorable Kate Spade dress is no longer available, but I've found some similar ones for you here and here. The cardigan is easy- you can find one here in a 3/4 sleeve version,  or a cropped one here. Finally, for a fabulous orange bag, I found you these options here, here and here. Enjoy re-creating this fabulous look for yourself and feel free to send me a picture- you know how I love having other people's outfits on the blog! 

On another note, this is my 750th post here on Style... the New Black! I'd say that's cause for celebration! What to do? I have no idea, but it might have to involve finding a fabulous Kate Spade polka dot dress for myself or something equally fabulous! Who knew I had so much to say about fashion and style that here I am less than three years later with 750 posts?!?! It seems a little crazy. Crazy awesome. 

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Natalya's Closet said...

I love Brittan's outfit, and I have that same dress! I love how she styled it! And wow, 750th post, that's awesome!!! XOXO,

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