Thursday, September 30, 2010

Style Consultation/Party/Workshop- Book Yours Today!

Now that I've officially relocated to New England, I'm starting to focus on getting some new styling clientele. One of my favorite things to do is a one-on-one closet consultation. I've done this with many different people from all walks of life- from a working mom to a school teacher to a professional jazz singer. It's an absolute blast to do and at the end, I guarantee you'll view the items in your closet with a whole new perspective. How many times have you opened your closet door, looked inside and thought, "I have nothing to wear." We all know that's ridiculous- there are dozens of items in there, and the real problem is putting together an outfit. I can't begin to tell you how surprised my clients have been when I've taken a few pieces from their own closet and created an entirely "new" outfit that they never would have thought of.

At the end of one of my closet consultations, you'll have three groups of clothes and accessories: items to toss, items to keep as-is and items to alter. You will also have a short list of items that would help round out your wardrobe like specific accessories, or staple clothing items. I don't necessarily believe in "ten staple clothing items" or "the perfect accessory." I believe each woman and man is unique and there is no simple solution to anyone's wardrobe. Instead, I believe in considering each clients personality, lifestyle and wardrobe needs and I apply those things to my advice in any closet consultation. How much for such an informative and fun service? Only $50 for a minimum 2-hour session. You can even combine with a spouse or family member or roommate for a $75 couples closet consultation.

Another fun styling service you can book with me are style parties. Host a fun evening with your friends- men, women or both- and me! I'll show each attendee how to dress to look their absolute best no matter the occasion- it's like having your own Stacey and Clinton party! It's a perfect weeknight or Saturday afternoon gathering and everyone leaves feeling more stylish than when they arrived.

Finally, consider utilizing me at work- do you need someone to explain to your employees how best to dress for the workplace? A simple presentation is all it takes to get your staff looking their best. Appearance is an important quality especially in any field involving clients or customer service. I recently presented a workshop for a womens club that was geared towards new graduates. I spoke on age-appropriate attire, dressing for work, for an interview, even dressing for college classes.

Do any of these service appeal to you? Do you live or work in the New England area? Visit my website for a complete list of styling services. Gift certificates are also available and they make a fabulous birthday or anniversary present and stocking stuffer!

Visit my website here. Come back and leave a comment here telling me what you think!

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