Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edible Fashion

When I gave my notice to AMT, I explicitly told them, "No cake." Those farewell cakes are always so awkward and sad and then everyone eats their feelings. Well, when I saw MY farewell cake, it was NOTHING like I expected it to be! It was the perfect cake for a costume designer:

Not only is it a ballgown cake, but they made sure it was my favorite color- Tiffany blue! I was so touched! And it was delicious, to boot. They also had lots of cupcakes to go with the giant ballgown cake and everyone came to say "Goodbye." It was a perfect ending to a great job that I have truly enjoyed for nearly four years. But it's time for the next step in my life. I'm packing my entire apartment into a moving truck tomorrow afternoon and driving the nearly 500 miles up to New Hampshire on Saturday. Wish me luck! I don't think I'll have much time to blog between now and then, but once I get settled, I'll get right back to it. In the meantime, feel free to click through some of my archives if you have fashion-blog-withdrawal. Can you believe I have nearly 500 posts? I can hardly believe it.

On another note, I'm excited to be in another area with a whole new world of fashion to explore. Boston is a pretty fashionable city. It's not New York, but it's also very different from the style of Central Pennsylvania! Since I have so many fashionable friends back home in New England, I'm really hoping they'll all be willing to be featured on the blog every now and then.

Finally, if you live in the New England area and are interested in utilizing my styling services, feel free to visit my website. You can email me to book a closet consultation or a style party or to talk about just about any fashion or style-related needs you may have. Also, (prepare yourself for the shameless plug) the holidays will be here sooner than you could possibly imagine, and what better stocking stuffer is there than a gift certificate for my styling services? You can purchase them on my website here. See you in New England!

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Maria said...

Good luck on your trip, and welcome back to New England!

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