Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall means.... Outerwear!

The chill in the air is here to stay- for the next several months, anyway. I love nothing more than a cozy warm sweater or a gorgeous, tailored jacket and the fall and winter months are perfect for displaying my favorite outerwear. I love pieces that are unique- whether it is the color, or a special detail like fur trimming or just an interesting and unique design. Etsy is chock-full of perfect examples:

Seaside Wool Wrap, Econica, $135

Riona Hand-knitted Cardigan, Ovejanegra, $145

The Fall Beige Coat, Zoephobic, $160

A high-quality piece of outerwear will often be one of the more expensive items in your closet, but if you select something flattering and classic, you'll have it for years to come. It will have been a worthy investment in the long run. Check the craftsmanship when you are selecting an item like a jacket or coat. Many mass-produced jackets and coats and often fused together at the seams, not sewn. Look for secure stitching that will stand the test of time. And if after a few seasons, your beloved coat starts to wear out, or come apart at the seams, then take it to a tailor and have them assess the damage. Often for around $20-30 (or even less sometimes) you can have the coat repaired. If that small investment takes it through another couple of seasons, it's definitely worthwhile. In the meantime, take the time to properly care for your outerwear. At the end of the cold seasons, assess the status of your coats- are the buttons coming loose? Is there a seam coming apart? Is the lining getting worn out? Have the coat professionally cleaned and repaired in the off-season and then when the cold weather comes around again, the work will already be done. You'll be far more likely to wear the coat again if you've already taken care of the maintenance. Yes, it involves a little forward-thinking, but in the long run, you'll thank me for taking this advice.

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wonderful blog! thank you so much, Renee!

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