Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rate My Look- Valerie's Hair Do

Last week when I blogged about Project Runway, I mentioned how much I loved Valerie's hairstyle, so today I tried to replicate it. Unfortunately, I don't have the same type of hair that Valerie has, but I think I managed fine anyway. Here's Valerie's look from last week:

What I loved about this style was the tousled pile of hair on top of her head, the side-swept bangs and of course the scarf. I don't have bangs, or long hair, but as I said, I think I nailed it anyway:

I did a pretty good job, right? Well, the secret to my success is not something I actually try to keep a secret. I wore one of my faux-hair pieces to achieve this look. It's a relatively inexpensive piece by EasiHair called "Magnetic."

The hair is connected by strong, but bendable wires to a hair comb. To use this type of hairpiece, all you have to do is pull your own hair up into a tight bun. Then, insert the comb into the bun and then wrap the wires of the hairpiece around the bun. Deending on the length of your hair, rather than using a bun, you can actually curl the rest of your hair and incorporate it into the hairstyle.

The best part about wearing this hairstyle today was that my staff didn't realize they were looking at fake hair all day. And they KNOW about my hairpieces. Towards to end of the day, one of them finally said something to me- she'd remembered I was a fan of faux-hair pieces and she asked tentatively, "Is that one of your....?" "You bet." I replied. Then I made her give me a high-five for fooling them all day long.

Well, I'm falling asleep as I type this, so I think it's time for bed for me. I'll fill you in on the rest of my day at AMT with Alice Cooper tomorrow. Have a geat weekend!

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