Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- I'm back!

After an incredibly busy couple of days, I am happy to announce I am back to blogging! Friday morning was spent doing final cleaning and packing preparations in my Pennsylvania apartment. Friday afternoon was spent picking up the truck and the car tow-carrier, then we had to figure out how to take the carrier off the hitch, then pack the truck, then figure out how to get the car up ON the carrier and attached to the truck again. It was not easy and I would never have managed without some amazing friends helping me out. You guys know who you are! After we finished the packing and car-towing situation, a couple of friends sat with me on the floor of my empty living room with sandwiches and a bottle of wine for a "house cooling." I'd never heard that term before, but I kind of like it.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early putting the last few items in the truck and then I made the eight hour drive up to New Hampshire. I made excellent time and it was (thankfully) an uneventful drive. It only took about an hour to unload the truck, and take my car off the tow. I really wish I'd taken a picture, because even now I find it hard to believe that I did the drive with the truck and my car towed behind it all by myself! I had to get gas twice along the route and of course I had to navigate the tolls and highways. It was definitely stressful. I kept thinking I'd look in the mirror and my car would be gone! Fortunately, that never happened. Everything arrived in one piece and now I'm happily settled back home.

So that explains why I didn't blog on Friday or Saturday, but it's Tuesday, so what's my excuse for Sunday and Monday, right? Well, Sunday was spent first at church and then at an afternoon gathering with several families from church. My mom is so excited for me to be back in the area, she promised the hosts I would attend. She enjoys showing off her kids. After a delicious meal of pasta with meatballs, sauce, garlic bread, salad and some decadent desserts, I finally went home and spent the rest of the evening unpacking and organizing. Since I was so organized with my packing, it was pretty simple to unpack it all. Unfortunately, I went from having two large closets in my bedroom to one medium-sized closet. I managed to find a place for everything without feeling too cramped. Monday was another day for socializing- my friend Amy and her husband were up in Boston for a couple of days, so we spent the entire day walking most of the Freedom Trail. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'd never walked it before, but now that I have, I definitely recommend it if you are in the area. It's a great way to see a LOT of Boston and get a little history lesson, too. My favorite stop on the trip was Paul Revere's house, mostly because it's in the North End, so it's not far from Italian restaurants and pastry shops full of all sorts of decadent and delicious things. Yum!

So that brings us to Tuesday, and I'm back on the laptop, posting a blog. But I can't post only about the last four days of moving and socializing. Nope, it's Shoesday Tuesday, so I have to show you a pair of the most beautiful t-strap two-tone heels I've seen in a long time:

While at Quincy Market (basically the mid-point of the Freedom Trail), we took a little detour into one of the many shops. Our stop? Urban Outfitters, of course. These two-tone wing-tips took my breath away- I fell in love. I did, however, exercise restraint. At $48 for the pair, it was not an easy thing to do. If you want a pair of these for yourself, they're available online as well.

I considered justifying the purchase by telling myself I could wear them to my job interview this week (yes, isn't that exciting?!?! A job interview!!!). But even I know how deluded an idea that was when I consider that I haven't even decided on an outfit, so how could I possibly justify buying a new pair of shoes at this point? Maybe after I get the job, I'll consider buying them for myself as a reward. Time will tell. In the meantime, I've just stressed myself out over picking an outfit for the interview, so I'm gonna end this post and head up to my cramped closet to figure it out. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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