Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Runway: Season 8, Episode 6

WIN: Michael C
AUF'd: Peach

When a bride says to her bridesmaids, "You can totally wear this dress again," it's always such a deluded remark because they mean that you can wear it again AS IS. Maybe at the most they mean you can chop the length, but either way, why do they bother saying that? Is it out of guilt for asking a friend to spend $200 or $300 on a dress? Or do they really think their taste in dresses is THAT good? Either way, I think there's a business idea in there somewhere. If you could bring your used bridesmaid dress to a designer and have them completely re-work it for a reasonable price, that would be amazing. Let's hope they come back looking like Mondo's design:

I admit, I'm shocked he didn't take home a win for this dress. It's flawless and you would never in a million years guess that it was previously a bridesmaid dress. And while I'm happy for Michael C to take home another win, I just don't know if I agree with that decision. His dress is SO short and I wish he'd done what Mondo did by turning the fabric to the wrong side to get rid of some of the shiny-ness.

And inch or 2 longer is all I'm asking for, although apparently his model wanted it even shorter than this! I suppose we can't all share the same taste level. I admit, the pleating and draping is all beautifully done- what are Gretchen and Ivy talking about when they say he doesn't know how to sew? What I do like about Michael C is that he is open to the ideas around him (like adding the lace to the top of the dress), but he is certain that he likes the idea that someone else has given him. I think that's the mark of a good collaborator- being open to the ideas of others. But the question is: When other people aren't around to offer a suggestion, how will he do?

The other top look for me was actually Ivy's. Despite being such a jerk every episode (although not nearly the jerk that Gretchen has been), I really liked her work this week:

I hate when I like the design but not the designer. I want to feel good about supporting someone and if they are a jerk, I don't want them to be as successful! Isn't that terrible of me? I hated Kenley on her season and I was devastated when Meana Irena took home the final win in Season 6. Why can't the nicest people also be the most talented? I suppose that wouldn't make for very dramatic TV, though, would it? 

Speaking of dramatic TV, what on earth was Peach thinking with this monstrosity? 

I love Michael Kors' quotes, but this week was a doozy: "You've got an avocado goiter!" The ruffles are truly horrifying and the fabric choice is a complete disaster. Unlike Mondo's successful result with turning the fabric around, Peach's skirt just ended up looking like a cheap, polyester business skirt. A poorly made one, too. I won't miss Peach- she was nice and she occassionally had a humorous remark to say, but I never cared for her design esthetic. So long, Peach and best wishes! Just avoid avocado goiters in the future, please!

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