Friday, September 3, 2010

Rate My Look: Taking a Fashion Risk

I'm sure that some of my outfit choices earn me some strange looks, but none come close to the strange looks and comments I received with my outfit yesterday. And it was all due to one rather outlandish accessory. A couple of weekends ago, some friends of mine came to visit and we went shopping. It was then that I happened upon this particular accessory and I found myself unable to resist buying it- especially since it only cost $5.80 at Forever 21!

Now, you may think I'm crazy for wearing it, as I'm sure many people did, but whether you agree with my sartorial choice or not, I hope you agree that it's ultimately a good thing to take fashion risks. If we all stick to the status quo, we won't necessarily make any progress or innovations- and that goes for everything, not just fashion. That being said, I present yesterday's outfit to you:

Want a close-up? I thought so:

What? What's that you say? That's NOT the outlandish accessory that caught your eye? How could that be? Look at those rhinestones and that metallic sheen! Those shoes are crazy, right? Oh, alright. Here's the flower, or as everyone at work kept calling it, "Audrey II."

Yes, friends, that flower is bigger than my head. I endured an entire day of comments like, "Why do I keep hearing 'Feed me, Seymour'? Oh, it's you." and "Did you water that? Because it looks like it's grown since an hour ago." And of course the blank stares and speechless people who had nothing to say and yet could not look away. I got a lot of sarcastic, "Nice flower" remarks, which I found amusing. And the funny part of it is that I enjoyed every remark- whether well-intentioned or sarcastic or merely using my flower as the punchline. Every good-natured joke that was slung in my direction truly made me laugh, especially the references to "Little Shop of Horrors." (But that's probably just because I'm a theatre geek.) Maybe this is the kind of thing the girls over at Go Fug Yourself would have a field day over, or maybe, just maybe, it's actually an accessory reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw's large flower love:

I think mine's not quite as big as the white flower, and just a tad bigger than the red one. So what do YOU think? Am I fabulous? Or a freak? Also, bonus points if you can tell me what's hidden underneath the red flower pin. I'm not sure what the bonus points are for, but it's always fun to win them, right?


Anonymous said...

holy crap-that is a BIG flower! Only you could pull this off and I like it paired with the floral skirt. They compliment one another nicely. You're a brave individual. Brava!

Totally Inspired said...

Brave indeed.. the flower is definitely a statement accessory. I cant say that i would be adding it to my wardrobe.. but it think it look so darling on you.. cute cute cute!

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