Thursday, September 16, 2010

NYFW Favorites- Betsey Johnson

I adore Betsey Johnson- her color and print choices are always whimsical and over-the-top. And amidst the sea of neutrals at this year's fashion week, her show was a welcome breath of fresh air. A punked-out-prom-queen-Alice-in-Wonderland-on-acid breath, that is. The separates that started the show were all bright primary colors with Halloween-witch-style horizontal striped stockings and oversize chain belts, fingerless motorcycle gloves- it was all pretty insane. The dresses were truly out of a fantasy world- a more edgy version of "Pushing Daisies" style clothes with super-full skirts complete with huge ruffled petticoats, neon fabrics and prints and huge, chunky necklaces that stated (I think) "RIDE ME." No comment.

My favorites were, of course, the over-the-top dresses and gowns:

(I DIE!)

The show featured about 60 different looks and Betsey managed to cover nearly every color in the rainbow as well as some black and white neutral looks. Although, her version of "neutral" is pretty outlandish for just about anyone else. I'm curious about the last few gowns in the show- if we plunged the audience into darkness and then switched on a blacklight, would they glow? They look bright enough that they might!

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