Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Runway: Season 8, Episode 9

WIN: Mondo
AUF'd: Ivy

When this season first started, I was thrilled for the additional 30 minutes added to each episode. I felt for a long time that the extra length made the show feel less rushed and we were able to see more of the design process as a result. Now I just find it annoying because I feel like some of these contestants intolerable and an extra 30 minutes of them is practically torture. Examples? Gretchen and Ivy. I can't say how happy I am to finally see at least one of them go. The contestants who get along with her keep saying what a great person she is, but I've found her to be nothing more than an arrogant shrew with decent sewing skills, but not much creativity or point-of-view as a designer. Her best work was last week's challenge- the sportswear inspired by Jackie O. This week? Not so much:

This gown is not salvageable, in my opinion. Tim Gunn said it was unfortunate that she was judged on two unfinished garments, but I don't think finishing would have made a difference. The colors didn't work, the concept was too literal and the fit was horrific. Look at the way the fabric is pulling across the models hips- it's hideous. I agree with the judges decision to send Ivy home. I did not, however, agree with them that Gretchen's design was amazing. They loved this awful mostrosity:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems like something you'd see at the Rennaissance Faire, especially that headpiece! Gretchen started off strong in this competition, but she hasn't been in the top for a while and in fact has been in the bottom more than once. She certainly has a point of view, but it's not one that I like.

On the other hand, I was proud of Mondo for his second win in a row! Both of his looks were perfectly in line with the challenge and with his point of view:

The length on the front of his "high fashion" look is unfortunate- I wonder why he didn't re-do the front of that skirt. But I suppose it wasn't enough to ruin his chances at winning, so why bother re-hashing it? Especially when the ready-to-wear dress is so fabulous and so clear a translation of the first look! I think that the best designers are the ones who can be given a challenge outside of their esthetic and still come out on top. Last week, Mondo proved his worth in that regard with the Jackie O. sportswear challenge and this week he solidified my opinion of him as a strong designer. Also, I love his cute little outfits that he wears on the runway:

He's adorable! Not quite as adorable as Christian Siriano, but close. His personality is a LOT more subdued and his point of view couldn't be further from Christian's, either. I still like him and I'm happy for him for this win.

Next week, I hope Gretchen goes. I'm done with her. I admit that I'm curious to see her final collection, and it's already online along with the collections of nine other designers. Since fashion week occurred early in the season, all of the designers still on the show had to create runway shows, but 7 of them were decoys. To view them, click here. I couldn't help myself and looked at nearly all of them- basically I looked at the shows of the designers remaining at this point. I won't say much more about it in case you are waiting for the PR finale to see them all.

Happy Monday, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Tim W. said...

IMO, Mondo is way more adorable than Christian! I actually found Christian to be seriously grating on the nerves (even if he was the best designer on the show--possibly the best designer of any season of PR). When I try to analyze it, I think it's because Christian was pretty immature, not in his designs but as a person. Of course, Mondo is also 10 years older than Christian...hmm, I wonder if Christian + 10 years = as adorable as Mondo (to me.)

I was also stunned that the judges loved Gretchen's look. I honestly thought she was going home when her model turned the corner of the runway.

BTW, I can't wait for your take on this week's episode. I actually teared up (!)

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