Saturday, July 18, 2009

Incorporating Trends

Do you ever see the "new" trends in a fashion magazine or on TV and wonder how to work it into your wardrobe? I do- all the time. The problem for me is that my body is NOTHING like the models and celebrities who look fabulous no matter what they put on. I'm short, with a belly, big thighs and chest and... well that's all the flaws I'm willing to post on the Internet for now. Anyway, I think that a lot of people hear a fashion buzz word at the same time they see the garment as it is on the runway and they think it's the only way that trend will work. Not true! The key to ANY trend is making it work for you.

For starters, decide why you want to incorporate this new trend into your wardrobe. Is it because you really like it and think it will look good on you? Or are you just trying to emulate a famous fashionista?Is it because your favorite designer has made it the centerpiece of their newest collection? Figure out your motivation and if it isn't a good one, move on. Just because your favorite Gossip Girl wore it doesn't mean you should. Be brutally honest with yourself.

Next, figure out what you like about the trend- what about it is speaking to you? If you can't pinpoint it, move on until you can. Wardrobe choices are exactly that- choices. They shouldn't be random or unfounded. I'm not saying you need to write a thesis on the garment- just figure out what you like. It could be something simple: the shape, color, texture, etc. Once again- honesty is key.

Now that you've decided you like a trend for the right reasons and determined that it can work on your body, then onward! Incorporating trends into your life can be harder and require more thought that incorporating a new boyfriend or girlfriend. You only wish I were joking.

I mentioned earlier my body type is less than ideal for fashion trends. I still do my best to work in the ones I like. For example, volume was hip a few seasons ago- it still is, really. Remember
Christian Siriano from Season 4 of Project Runway? His final collection was loaded with gorgeous, voluminous pieces. Even the thinnest of supermodels and celebrities would have difficulty pulling off some of his couture. But sometimes you fall in love with a designer. It happens. You can't help who you love, right? To make it work on my body, I purchased pieces with strategically placed volume as opposed to all-over-volume. One piece with a little extra fabric was all I needed to participate in the trend. A bold ruffle down the center of a fitted top, or large sleeves on an otherwise basic dress. To help balance the look, I made certain to wear the tallest heels I could handle- added height makes all the difference as I didn't want to look weighted down from the extra volume.

What about trendy prints? Animal prints go in and out of fashion so frequently, it's tough to keep track. If you add the print in small doses, you'll still be part of the trend, but you won't have to be over the top. If leopard is the "it" fabric of the hour, don't waste your money on a floor-length gown, or a trench coat in it. Instead, invest in a scarf, a bag, a pair of shoes, a belt- something small can still pack a big punch especially when it's in a unique print. This rule can apply to super hot "of the moment" colors. Just because the latest style magazine says that lime-green is the new navy blue doesn't mean you have to max out your credit card on everything available in it. A single punch of color in the form a scarf tied to your handbag or around your waist, a bold set of earrings or a chunky bangle bracelet, a cocktail ring or a pair of ballet flats- any of these will do the trick. The key is finding which one works best with your personality. I'm an earring and shoe fan, myself. Also scarves. Scarves are amazing and there are about a million ways to use them.

Another way to make a trend work is to pair it with something classic- dark wash jeans, little black dresses, t-shirts, oxford style shirts, blazers, etc. If you try wearing too many trends at once, you'll just look foolish. Nobody wants to look foolish!

No matter what the trend, there is a way to work it into your wardrobe, so don't give up! But also, try not to get too attached to a trend. It'll be out in a matter of months- that's why they're called trends, right?

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