Friday, July 17, 2009

Who's your style icon?

I'm starting to get a little bit sick of EVERY vaguely fashionable celebrity being labeled a "style icon" or a "fashion icon." I'm sorry, but the Olsen twins are NOT style icons. Suri Holmes is NOT a style icon. (Although, she is pretty adorable.) It used to be that style and fashion icons were the people who created the new fashions and style ideas. These days, it seems like every reasonably well-dressed actress or pop musician is being slapped with that label, when the reality is that they all have stylists who choose 99% of their attire for them. When I think of a style icon, I think of Coco Chanel, Elsa Shiaparelli, Givenchy, YSL, Jackie O., even Audrey Hepburn before I think of present day celebutantes. Granted, many actresses, musicians, heiresses, etc. are venturing into the fashion industry, creating their own lines of clothing and accessories, but I guess in my opinion, the terms "style icon" and "fashion icon" are being tossed around quite a bit lately. It seems every recognizable name who tries their hand at fashion design is suddenly an "icon." I think that for the everyday woman trying to decide who to emulate in her own day-to-day attire decisions it can be a little daunting. I suppose the flip-side of that is that we all have SO many choices that no matter what your preference, you're bound to find someone who speaks to your sensibilities.

Let me break it down for you.

Are you the type who is willing to take risks with fashion? Are you edgy and unafraid of the avante-garde? Do you think of your clothing as a form of wearable art? Your style icon is
Victoria Beckham. She is a serious risk-taker when it comes to fashion, but she pulls it off flawlessly.

But maybe you're not a real risk-taker. Do you prefer clean, crisp outfits in classic silhouettes to match your girl-next-door perfectly coiffed hair and flawless make-up? Is your look polished without being stuffy? Maybe you like a little bit of a vintage feel to your clothes. Your style icon is
Reese Witherspoon. On the red carpet, she channels old Hollywood glamour with a modern take, and out on the street, she keeps it basic, but chic.

For some, classic is too passe. Are you the type who loves to stand out in the crowd? Not in the edgy sense, but in the over-the-top-glamazon kind of way. Are you obsessed with luxury? Can't live without your bling?
Beyonce is your girl. Maybe it's the diva in her, but Beyonce knows how to make a statement and that statement is, "I look like I dropped a million bucks on my hair & make-up alone. Don't even ask about the dress."

Let's be honest, not everyone wants to dress like it's red-carpet coverage. Maybe you prefer an effortless, relaxed style, even for a big evening event. You refuse to be a slave to fashion, yet somehow you always look put-together in your own unique way. You've got boho-chic down just like
Kate Hudson. Whether it's simple flats with your jeans, or flowy tops and a pair of sunglasses, you're stylish, but comfortable.

Of course, these are just a few options, but hopefully they'll point you in the right direction. And if there isn't a single person out there who feels like they can live up to your idea of a style icon, then just be your own! More on that at a later date!

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