Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday- Must Haves

Do you sometimes find yourself looking through your closet FULL of shoes and thinking, "I don't have anything at all that works with this outfit!" Do you find yourself shoe shopping for every outfit, particularly when there is a special occasion to consider? Every woman needs a certain arsenal of shoes for various life situations. Work, dinner out, cocktail attire, etc. At a minimum, every woman needs no less than seven pair of shoes, but they are seven very specific shoes. These are her "must haves," the shoes that are the bread and butter of her day to day needs. Make sure you have these seven shoes and you'll never be unprepared for any occasion or find yourself suddenly having to shoe shop on your lunch break because you just don't have anything that works. After all, shoe shopping should be fun, not stressful.

Black pumps- Open or close toe, full pump or D'orsay, patent or matte leather, suede or even fabric. A pair of black pumps will work with just about anything from a pair of jeans to an LBD. Choose a classic pair in a textile that works for your lifestyle. If you don't attend a lot of formal events, forgo the satin and stick to leather.

Via Spiga Yara Pump, DSW, $129.95

Nude pumps- Just like the black pumps, your nude pumps will work with nearly anything. Not a fan of wearing black with brown or navy? Then that's when you break out the nude pumps. They're neutral and flattering 100% of the time.

BCBG Paris Jaze Pump, DSW, $59.95

Nude dressy heels- Wearing a sparkly cocktail dress to a party or a fun, floral dress to a wedding? The one and only pair of shoes that will work with every single cocktail or semi-formal dress you will ever own is a pair of dressy nude heels. What makes them dressier than your basic nude heels is up to you- it can be the fabric, the embellishment, the more open, strappy design- whatever says "formal" to you.  Choose a style that is classic, elegant and comfortable and you'll have them for years to come. You can spend many an evening dancing the night away in these.

Dressy flats- For wearing with a sun dress to a more casual wedding, or with a pair of capris while out shopping with your girlfriends. Dressy flats help dress up a more casual outfit, but they also tone down an LBD or other more formal dress. What makes them dressy is the fabrication and the embellishment. Whether a neutral color like black or a pop of color like red or fuchsia, dressy flats work with many different looks.

Casual flats- Running errands and going to backyard BBQ's shouldn't always involve a pair of sneakers. As a general rule, beyond the age of 13, sneakers are no longer a style choice. Always have a pair of casual flats in a neutral color like black, grey, brown or nude.

Sandals- These can double as your casual flats, but they can also be heels or wedges- whatever suits your lifestyle is what matters most.

Boots- Brown boots look great with everything, as do black boots. Grey is another great option. Find a pair with a heel height  and look that suits your lifestyle. Invest in a high quality pair and they'll last for years. Cowboy boots, biker boots, riding boots, flats, wedges, heels- these are the details you need to determine based on what works in your own wardrobe. Skip anything trendy and you'll be safe.

So there you have it- your seven must-have pair of shoes. With these shoes only, you would be prepared for literally any outfit opportunity that presents itself. Do I recommend having ONLY these seven shoes in your closet? Of course not! But if you're a recent college grad thinking about how you need to make your wardrobe more mature, or if you've decided to give yourself a What-Not-to-Wear-esque make-over, or if you just want to know what shoes are truly necessary in life, this is where you should begin. Once you've got these basics covered, then you can move on to other less basic and more fun shoes. But if you don't have these shoes in your closet RIGHT NOW, then stop buying the bright red heels and the platform paisley wedges. Rein it in, sister! 

Finally, you may have noticed that I used the same phrase repeatedly in this post, "suits your lifestyle." This key. I love high heels as much as the next person, and at AMT, I wore them all the time. They suited my lifestyle then. These days, with my job keeping me on my feet for ten hours or more, they just don't work any more. Remember those words when you are shoe shopping and you will avoid wasting your money on shoes you'll never wear. 

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