Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beth's Amazing Handbag Find!

Over the weekend, I got together with Beth to do a little shopping and some catching up. We love our consignment shopping and you probably even remember how I snagged that amazing Kate Spade handbag during one of our sprees at Second Time Around in Boston. This time we were in Portsmouth, but there was yet another fabulous Kate Spade to be had.

She's so happy!

The whole thing went down in a very similar way to my Kate Spade purchase. There was a lot of deliberation and holding the bag while looking in the mirror, etc. At one point I asked, "Do you want me to talk you into it, or talk you out of it?" In the end, she scored that bad boy for $103 and since we were in NH, it was tax free! Basically half the price I paid for mine! In the world of bargain hunting, I'd say that's pretty darn fabulous. 

Have you ever scored an amazing find at a consignment shop? It seems like Beth and I are destined to be handbag enablers where consignment is concerned. It's just such a good deal, it's hard to pass up. 

I managed to score an amazing cashmere sweater as well as an adorable beret. I wore both to work immediately and the entire ensemble was a hit. I'll be sure to share it in a day or two, so check back soon!

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Beth said...

Damn this rainy weather! I have yet to take her for a spin because I don't want her to get wet. (And yes, I will always be your handbag enabler. That sounds like the start of a country song.)

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