Monday, December 10, 2012

Beauty Product Review: O.P.I Nail Polish

Normally I love O.P.I. nail polish, but I have to be honest about this one. Maybe I got a bad batch or an older bottle or something, but this particular polish didn't go on very smoothly.

Color: My First Knockwurst

I bought this bottle at the brand new Ulta store in Newington, NH. I was drawn to the pinkish nude quality. In some lights it actually takes on a slightly purple hue, but overall it's pretty much a blush/nude color. It is the kind of color that definitely requires a second coat for full coverage, but I was disappointed with the application. It was a little gummy and on some of my nails I was never able to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. I could care less because manicures don't tend to last very long with me- I'm rarely surprised if a few minutes of typing don't do some amount of damage. 

Overall, I love the color, but the product itself was disappointing. Given my previous experience with O.P.I., I'm inclined to think I got an old bottle or a bad batch. They're usually much better than this. 

On another note, who comes up with the wacky names for their colors? "My First Knockwurst?" Really? What does that even mean? What IS a knockwurst? Is having my first one a big deal? It certainly sounds like something unpleasant. Just sayin'. 

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