Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rate My Look: Mustard Love

Did you know that mustard and pumpkin are basically the new blacks? I'm joking, but it seems like it lately- the popularity of those two colors has gone through the roof. Remember Kristin's pumpkin top last week? I was inspired by her outfit and decided to put together my own look incorporating a trendy color and our favorite boots. Here's the result:

Skirt: Zara
Necklace: Ablaze

This photo was taken towards the end of the day which is why my skirt is so wrinkled and my lipstick is non-existent. Regardless, I'm a fan of the look and I think it works. The chunky necklace is one of my favorites- I found it at a little boutique in Exeter, NH this summer and snatched it right up. Juhree bought a white version of it, although I don't think I've seen her wear it. Maybe I can convince her to wear it to work one of these days so I can snap her photo for the blog. It won't be the first time we were necklace twinsies. Honestly, with all the accessories my coworkers have in common, it's surprising we aren't a little smarter with our shopping. We should really have a common closet in the shop that we can all contribute to and pull from- it would save us beaucoup bucks.

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