Monday, December 24, 2012

Rate My Look: It's Festive!

I mentioned a few days ago that I found an amazing cashmere sweater and an adorable beret at a consignment shop over the weekend. Well, I immediately put them together to make a chic and festive ensemble: 

Sweater and Beret from the Wear House in Portsmouth

Admittedly not the most flattering photo I've ever taken, but it'll do. The sweater has a fabulous detail of buttons at one shoulder and on the cuffs. And of course the cashmere doesn't hurt. The color is amazing, too- perfect for the holidays! And what goes better with a fitted sweater and skinny pants than a beret? Am I right? It's a basic beret, but it's at least the kind with a little structure to it so that it looks really nice and not just floppy. 

When it comes to berets, I'm fairly certain I was born to wear them. I'm often surprised that I don't wear them all the time. I have quite a few of them and they really do work well with my face. Something about them just works on me. I can't explain it, they just do. 

As for the shop where I found these amazing pieces, I would recommend you give them a visit if you're nearby. They clearly put effort into making sure they only accept quality pieces for consignment. Everything in the store is in great shape and is very clean. You certainly don't feel like you're buying clothes second hand. I've never consigned with them, but I'm thinking I might make an appointment! 

Finally, you may have noticed that this photo was taken at work in the same spot where I like to take all my blog photos, but that there is something a little different. Do you know what it is? It's the curtains! We got new curtains and a valance for the fitting rooms at the front of the store and I love them! I think they are so classy and well made. They work perfectly with our decor. Liz, the owner, thought they might be a little too monochromatic with all the other beige around them, but I'm of the opinion that in a bridal shop like hers, the dresses should be what catches the eye, not the decor. What do you think? Leave a comment, of course! 

You can also comment on my adorable outfit, although you can't experience the amazing luxury that is cashmere against your skin through this blog post. How unfortunate for you. 

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