Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Black and White Delight

I'm hanging out in the Charlotte airport right now, just waiting for the Professor to arrive with the kiddos so we can begin a fabulous (almost) week together for the holidays AND his birthday! He had to work today, then pick up the kids, then hit the road to Charlotte which is about 2 hours from where he lives. I knew I would be landing much sooner than he could possibly arrive to pick me up, so I planned to get myself a Pinkberry and a comfy place to sit while I waited. And that's exactly what happened. I gobbled up my Pinkberry far too quickly for me to photograph its amazing deliciousness for you, so you'll just have to imagine how the original (tart vanilla) flavor tasted with my additions of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, slivered almonds and white chocolate crunchies tasted. Let's just say my current biggest regret in life was ordering a small.

Have any of you ever been to the Charlotte, NC airport? It's kind of an awesome place and I am actually enjoying hanging out here for a little while. I imagine it will be another hour before the Prof arrives to collect me. In the meantime, I have my laptop along with free wi-fi courtesy of CLT and I figured what better way to pass the time than with a little blogging and people-watching? Am I right? Of course I am! And even if that gets tiresome, there are about 40 different stores I could browse while I wait. Seriously, this airport is more like a mall than anything else. And I'm not talking about the Hudson News or those silly kiosks full of local paraphernalia. Although they do have those, they also have a a Body Shop, a Brooks Brothers, an electronics store (or two), and my personal favorite: the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Heaven help my credit card.

Given all I've spent on the holidays, I think it's best for me to stay right in this little white rocking chair (no joke) and focus on writing for my blog. I'd rather spend my money on the kids anyway.

After seeing the bright, colorful Charlotte airport, I felt inspired to write a post all about- you guessed it- black and white. I know that makes no sense. I can't explain my inspiration all the time- these ideas just come to me, you know.

It may not seem very festive for this time of year, but I'm really enamored of the stark black and white combination. It's everywhere you look, most often combined with a pop of color, but really, it's a very cool, funky way to add visual interest to your outfit. Whether it's polka dots, floral prints, or nautical stripes, they all work in a stark black and white combination. You can wear the look head-to-toe or just incorporate an accessory or two. I put together a Polyvore set to inspire you:

Black and White Delight

And as if all of those lovely gems aren't enough to inspire you, I did a little online shopping to help you out, too. What better place for black and white duds than White House Black Market, right?

This dress is so awesome, I'm literally drooling right now. 

These pants are so awesome! Especially when paired with: 

So there you have it: a black and white inspired post despite all the color around me. What can I say? I'm not easily distracted. 

Leave a comment to tell me you love me, you love my blog, you love this post. I'm closing in on that elusive 1,000th post and I think I might hit it just in time for Christmas. Wouldn't that be merry? So in the spirit of the holidays, why not give me a little comment-love to tell m how impressed you are with my unbelievably prolific blog? You know I'll love it.   

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