Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rate My Look: Do People Really NOT Iron?!?!

I got dressed in this fabulous outfit the other day and I was quite pleased with the result:

Top: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Daffy's (may they rest in peace)
Booties: Bloom

Yes, I am wearing those incredibly fabulous new glitter booties that I wrote about not too long ago: 

As fabulous as these glitter booties are, they are not the primary focus of today's post. Nope. What I want to talk about is ironing. 

Not too long ago, several of my coworkers and I were talking about ironing. Who does it and why? Who doesn't do it and why? It's amazing to me how many people try to avoid ironing at all costs. To me, it's such a simple thing to do to get your outfit looking polished and put-together. It only takes about 5 minutes to iron a complete outfit, so why not do it? 

Juhree NEVER irons and she's proud of it. She simply hangs her wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and the steam from the shower seems to do the trick for her. I decided to try that method the day I wore this outfit. I hung the very wrinkled shirt in the bathroom and then I took about a 15-minute shower. Here's the shirt AFTER the "steam treatment." 

I repeat: This is NOT a "Before" photo. It is an "After" photo. Am I crazy or is this unacceptable? After seeing the results of hanging the shirt in the bathroom while I showered, I quickly set up the iron and ironing table and in moments I had the following: 

Obviously, the difference is like night and day. So, tell me what I did wrong all ye who choose never to iron. Should I have tried the five-minutes-in-the-dryer trick instead? You know what, forget I asked. I actually don't care. Because figuring out the lazy-girls' method is actually more work than just ironing the d@mn shirt. Seriously, people, learn how to iron and just do it. It's not that hard. I swear. 

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