Friday, December 21, 2012

Pumpkin Mustard Re-cap

It's amazing how the colors mustard yellow and pumpkin orange have infiltrated the land this season. I've written quite a few posts about it in the last few weeks, so I decided to do a recap of the outfits. Check 'em out:

These colors aren't always easy to wear. Kristin, Ashley and I all have dark hair and warm skin tones that work well with the two colors. If you love these colors, try to find a shade that works really well with your skin tone. Either color on the wrong skin can be pretty wretched. You don't want to look wretched, do you? 

To help you incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, I've created two inspiration boards on Polyvore and I've also kept the price of each item on the boards under $50. After all, if it's a trend, you shouldn't spend a lot on it. Also, if it's something new that you're trying, you shouldn't spend a lot, either. Wait until you know you're comfortable in this brave, new color before investing a lot of money. 


Pumpkin by rtboo featuring amrita singh


What's so tricky about these colors aside from skin tone issues? Well, they're not always easy to incorporate into an outfit. Pretty much everyone has basic pieces in black and often black is the best go-to neutral when putting an outfit together. However, with these colors, you can end up looking a little too bumble bee (in the mustard) or a little too Halloween (in the pumpkin). Try pairing them with other neutrals like brown, grey, cream and navy. Keep the tones rich and you can't go wrong. These are warm, luxurious colors and they need strong neutrals to carry them. Don't go for a pale grey that would work with a more citrus-y orange or yellow. Instead choose a rich charcoal grey. Rather than pair your mustard pencil skirt with a crisp, white blouse, choose a creamy winter white instead. 

Love these colors right now? Wearing them in your own day-to-day outfits? Send me a photo! I'd love to put you on the blog! 

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