Monday, June 14, 2010

Tony Awards- Best Dressed

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a photograph of Catherine Zeta-Jones from last night's Tony Awards, but I am still selecting her as my pick for "Best Dressed." (Also for most interesting acceptance speech of the night- she was over the top!) Instead, here is a YouTube clip from last night's show. Unfortunately, in YouTube, she looks shorter and squatter than we all know she is in real life, so don't let that throw you.

Skip to about one minute in to get right to her. I love this dress for so many reasons:

1.) The color is simply ethereal. Is it silver? Is it blue? Who cares- it's gorgeous. It's beautiful against her skin tone, where an actress with a pale complection would have been washed out. Beautiful.
2.) The detail on the bodice- I adore the asymetrical detail across the bodice as well as the intricate ruching of the chiffon fabric.
3.) The silhouette- This is an interesting spin on a mermaid style. I love the asymmetry- the way it is higher on one side. On her body, the flare works from the high point to the low on her hips- it's amazing.
4.) The flowing skirt- Her remark about "How does Cinderella do it in this dress?" is hilarious, but other than climbing the stairs, I think she does it just fine. Not exactly her most graceful moment, but I believe she was in shock over winning and truly beside herself with excitement, so I forgive all. Back to the dress: I adore how the layers and layers of chiffon just flow and move around her. It's stunning.

There were a lot of beautiful gowns last night, but CZ-J's was by far my favorite. Did you watch the Tony's last night? If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that I was flipping back and forth between the Tony Awards and Game 5 of the NBA Finals. I'm completely a fair-weather fan when it comes to sports, but let's be honest, the finals are when the games are the most exciting because there is so much more at stake. Anyway, my Celtics won, so it's on to Game 6 in L.A. where they will hopefully crush Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. But enough about sports- this is a fashion blog, after all. (However, you may recall my Celtics-inspired post from a few weeks ago.)

Have a great Monday!

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Beth said...

That clip totally makes me love CZ-T! She's so obviously surprised and thrilled. And you're right– her dress is stunning!

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