Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Belated Shoesday Tuesday

So after that total cop-out yesterday, I decided to try and redeem myself with a belated attempt at a Shoesday Tuesday. I was perusing the shoes on the Nordstrom website the other day, which normally makes me drool. After I find the most fabulous shoes, then I scour the internet looking for the $30-version of whatever designer shoe caught my eye. Well, this time, I was stopped dead in my tracks and made a mental note that I absolutely HAD to share these shoes with you:

Honestly, these shoes have rendered me nearly speechless. Nearly. What is going on here? Can someone explain these shoes to me? It's like whoever designed them said, "You know, I'm such a huge fan of Minnie Mouse, I want to design a pair of sandals in her honor. Maybe I'll put a giant BOW right at the ankle!" And then someone else was all, "Oh, that's not high fashion enough. You have to make the bow out of feathers and rhinestones." Is it me, or do these shoes belong on Go Fug Yourself? I love feathers on shoes when they are placed appropriately, but these are just awful! It's not even a very artistic use of the feathers, am I right? Back me up here.

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