Friday, June 18, 2010

400th Post!

I love posting about my blogging milestones for some reason. It feels like I've accomplished something somehow. This is my 400th post- not the most amazing milestone, but I am more proud that I've published 400 posts in less than a year- I like the idea of being prolific, but don't worry, I'm more concerned with quality. I really enjoying writing this blog- from the Rate My Look posts to the inspiring fashions I see around the world, and also the other types of blogs I've discovered along the way. And reading all of those blogs somehow makes any of my milestones feel somehow small and unimportant- not in a bad way, just in terms of the vast number of people blogging out there. When I see all of the creativity out there and how much people are doing- creating, sewing, cooking, designing, painting, filming, decorating, or just doing good for other people, it puts it all in perspective.

Of course I read other fashion blogs like Glamour and Lucky but I also enjoy seeing what other women like myself post on their fashion and style blogs. I've discovered a handful of unique women- all different backgrounds, ages, body types, professions and style points of view. A few of my daily every-woman fashion reads include:

Refashion, Recycle, Reuse
Kendi Everyday
Natalya's Closet
Mrs. Hall in Training
Lux vita et iocus
Daddy Likey

Some of these women are humorous in their writing. Others are simply heartfelt and open about their lives and how fashion fits in, but all are unique and I suppose that's why I'm drawn to this particular mix. In addition to fashion blogs, I love all sorts of other types of blogs, too. if it's interesting, I'll read it! Some are very well known like Go Fug Yourself, Jennsylvania and Sleep Talkin' Man (R-rated!). Others are just friends of mine who over the years have gotten into blogging for one reason or another. My friend Tim has a great blog called Three-Second Goldfish and he writes about whatever strikes his fancy on that particular day. Another friend- Kate- is a professional photographer and I love looking at her work on her studio's blog, Studio Nouveau. Other's I've started reading because they were named "Blog of Note." (Fingers crossed that someday my name is pulled out of THAT hat!) F8hasit is particularly eloquent and touching. Her tone is that of a talented writer and I love reading her posts. (Although, for the record, I stumbed upon her blog before it was named Blog of Note, and I feel especially cool about that.) Life on the Green Line is a Boston-based Blog of Note, so reading it makes me feel closer to home.

And then there are the food blogs. I could read food blogs until the end of time, taking breaks only to eat. Mrs. Humble is a personaly fave because she focuses mostly on sweets. She did an entire series on a particular cookie. What's not to love about that? And then there's One Hungry Chef whose culinary pursuits leave me open-mouthed and drooling and also baffled at how accomplished and knowledgeable he is.

Lots of the bloggers whose blogs I read are also Etsy shop artisans. The Cat and the CowRuth Parker Jewelry, B.B. Bellezza and Tina Tarnoff all have unique Etsy shops and I've purchased from most of them at some point in the last year. I love when an Etsy artisan also has a blog because they often post about what inspires them, how they work, what mediums they prefer and what influenced them in the journey to become an artist. I find all of this very fascinating.

I guess my point, ultimately, is that there is a lot out there to read- a lot of people doing a lot of interesting and amazing things and writing about it for the world to see. I love the idea of being a part of that kind of community. I've met so many great people as a result of starting to blog, some of whom are my faithful readers. And it's to the readers that I am most grateful. I know first hand exactly how much is out there for you to read, so I genuinely appreciate when you choose to come here as often as you do. I love hearing from you, whether it is through comments or emails, so please don't hesitate to say what's on your mind. I love criticism and feedback, but I don't allow every bit of it to influence what I'm doing here. I know I can't make everyone happy all of the time. I can only hope that what I post here will keep my readers coming back for as long as I stay at it.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Natalya's Closet said...

Thanks for the shout-out girl and congrats on your 400th post, that is amazing!!! you are one of my daily reads as well :). xoxo, Natalya

LuceBuona said...

Yeiiii!! congratulations for your 400th post :D
It is really to celebrate!!
And thank you very much for having me as a daily read! It´s such an honor!!

Keep it up girl!!Hope to read much more from you!!

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Congrats on the posting milestone! I can definitely relate to the feelings of excitement.

Here's to another 400 and many more!

Totally Inspired said...

400!! thats awesome... and thanks for including me in your daily reading.

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