Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crochet Chic

Do you ever find yourself in summer, putting on a cute strapless or spaghetti strap sundress and for whatever reason, you wish there was just a little more coverage? It may be a modesty thing, or maybe you just prefer a layered look, even in summer. Unfortunately, in 80 degree, humid weather, a cardigan- even the lightest cotton or jersey type- is too much.

Whatever the situation or reason for needing another light-weight layer, I have the solution for you. And it's actually quite a popular trend right now: crochet. Yup. Bet you never thought you'd hear that word in a sentence without"grandma" right nearby. Well, the thing about crochet, is that when it's done with a delicate pattern and light-weight yarn, it's actually almost like lace. Very cool, chic lace. Next time you're shopping, grab a cardi, shrug or vest in a cool, open crochet pattern and you'll find you've made a great investment. Because although you may be purchasing it for summer, you'll find that it will be a great layering piece for all four seasons. Stick with a neutral color and you can't go wrong.

A few options:

Crochet Vest, Victoria's Secret, $29.99 (Sale price)

Oversize Crochet Vest, Free People, $81 (Sale price)

Crochet Shrug Cardigan, JC Penney, $24.99 (Sale price)

Lacey Crochet Cardigan, Spiegel, $20 (Sale price)

I actually think the final option from Spiegel would be a great top layer if you had a more formal event to go to. I hate trying to find a top layer that is dressy. I've never been a fan of wraps and pashminas- I think they tend to look matronly and awkward most of the time. This long, lacey crochet cardigan is a great alternative.

So what do you think? Would you wear a crochet piece? What about learning to crochet and making one yourself? I've been a pretty decent knitter for a few years now, but crochet has always baffled me. Maybe I'll give it another shot one of these days.

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