Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Love My New Fashionary

If you follow me on Twitter, you recently saw that I tweeted about how I love my new Fashionary. If you don't follow me on Twitter, why the heck not? (Actually, I know exactly why the heck not. Some people tweet all day about everything. It can get pretty annoying.) Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I received my Fashionary in the mail today and I am in love. It is the single best design-related purchase I have made all year. Not only is it a sketch book with faint form templates already on the pages, it also has a wealth of knowledge literally available at your fingertips. The first 30 or so pages of the book include things like basic patterns, textile information, measurement tools and charts, even a monthly calendar. It's kind of incredible. It's also beautifully bound with high quality paper pages, and a page marker.

If you are at all interested in design, I highly recommend the fashionary as an essential tool. I am personally not an amazing artist, so when I sketch a design, I spend half the time drawing the body template upon which I then have to sketch the garment design. With my new Fashionary, the body template is already there, so I can focus solely on drawing the garments. It's truly ideal. And the price is right, too. At $16, it's not much more than a blank sketch pad of similar size, but it offers SO much more. Shipping to the U.S. takes a little over a week, but it's worth the wait, I promise. You can buy yours here.

Do any of you already use a Fashionary? Leave a comment and tell me if it's as useful to you as you thought it would be. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Have a fabulous evening!


Beth said...

That is so cool. I wish I were a designer so I could carry around cool stuff like that!!!

LuceBuona said...

Ohh-my-God!!!! (Said in the "Friends" way hahaha)... You can tell that you´ve been away the blogosphere for too long, when you notice that one of your favorite bloggers has Twitter and you are not following them!!!

I didn´t even finish reading your post! I just rush to look for you sweetie!

Now that I read your post I MUST thank you! Last week I decided to go back to my drawing practices... more specifically the fashion related ones. And this Fashionary is just awesome!! I regret buying some of my usual drawing materials! I´m really going to order one!
Thank you Renée!!... once more, you made me spend more money!...hahahaha I´m kidding!
Have a great weeekend :D

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