Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday

Do you ever find yourself falling in love with a fabulous pair of shoes, but saying to yourself, "They're not practical because they don't go with a lot of things." Maybe this is because they're a color that you don't have much of in your closet. Maybe they're just a bold print or maybe they just make a really loud statement. Well I'm here to say that you should indulge yourself at least once for a pair of really fun shoes. Because the fact that they don't "go" with much or "match" your current clothes is actually what makes them so great. Let your shoes be the statement you are making with your outfit. Go a little over the top. You'll be amazed at how many people will stop you and say, "Great shoes!" And since summer is upon us, there is ample opportunity for you to show off a great pair of shoes- whether you wear them with a sundress, a great chambray skirt, short shorts, or capris, take a chance on some stand-outs.

If you need a bit of inspiration, allow me:
Hysteria Pump, DSW, $49.95

Bolero Wedge, DSW, $69.95

Madden Girl Sandal, DSW, $44.95

As you can see, subtlety is not an option with this particular bit of fashion advice. When it comes to your feet, that is. In fact, the rest of your ouftit should absolutely be neutral so as to allow the shoes to be the focal point.

Another great reason to wear outlandish shoes is that they are a great transition for someone who wants to take more fashion risks, but isn't quite ready to go all in. It's very easy to wear a solid, neutral dress (black, white, beige, etc.)  and add some crazy shoes for a little punch. Much easier, in fact, than an all-over out-there trend. All I ask when attempting this type of fashion choice is that you do NOT match any other part of your outfit to your shoes. Matching is out-dated and can really only be successfully pulled off on little girls under the age of ten. My advice to all of you: find ONE pair of really crazy shoes and make a point of wearing them this summer. You can do it!


Breanne at Bella Vita said...

The Hysteria Pumps are my faves.

I have a pair of "crazy" flats from Target two summers ago. They have a floral/ladybug print. Love them!

Beth said...

Love those Hysteria shoes- i am a big statement shoe fan and those are so cute. I think you just inspire to buy a new pair of shoes

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