Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rate My Look- It's Been a While!

On Friday, I went to Target with my friend Andrea and we had a lot of fun shopping. Normally we like to go to the King of Prussia mall, but we're both so busy at work getting this show up, that we had to settle for the Target that is literally next door to the theatre where we work- there was no time for a trip to KOP. Not that there's anything wrong with Target- I love Target! In fact, I was especially happy with Target on Friday because I got this entire outfit for barely more than $40:

Strapless bubble dress:  $15.38
Black ballet flats: $17.99
Flower cocktail ring: $6.99
TOTAL $40.36

The great thing about the dress is that it didn't have a price tag, but when I put it on I fell in love. I brought it to the register hoping it would at least be on sale, but really having no idea what it was going to cost. When it rang up at that price, I was SO excited!

And the flats have been a LONG time coming. Rememer this post when I said I needed new black ballet flats? Well, after more than a month I finally found a pair I like!

They are very comfortable and I like the little knot detail on the front. As if the dress and shoes we're enough of a great set of finds, then I saw this crazy ring:

Flowers seem to be becoming my "signature." Whether it's a floral print fabric, a ring, a bracelet or a brooch, flowers are all over my wardrobe. So when I saw this ring, I couldn't resist. And the price was right, too.

I may add some removable straps to the dress- maybe some ribbon pieces that either tie behind the neck halter-style, or regular straps to cover a bra strap. This dress is actually very supportive even without a bra because it actually has boning in the bodice. (Hint: NEVER buy a strapless dress that doesn't have boning!) Even more busty girls can wear a strapless dress without a bra if the correct type of support is built into the dress. Not that I recommend going bra-less. I don't. I believe in the importance of keeping your ta-tas high and supported.

Anyway, I like the idea of the dress having convertible straps, so we'll see. For now, I'm about to head out into a gorgeous, sunny day, so this dress will be perfect. I plan to be outside a lot today, so hopefully by wearing this dress, I'll avoid at least some unsightly tan lines. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Natalya's Closet said...

Gorgeous!! I love everything about this outfit, the ring, the dress and the shoes! Very summer chic! xoxo, Natalya

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I love a good bubble hem, and that dress has it! You look wonderful in it!

Totally Inspired said...

A+++++.. Ilove this dress! The entire look is really cute.

Christy said...

I love everything except ..I can't put my finger on it but something is just not right (to me that is) about the way the shoes look with the dress. I just think another style shoe would've been a better choice. Still very cute though!

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