Friday, June 4, 2010

Reese's Style for Under $100

I love Reese Witherspoon. I have not seen a movie of hers that I didn't enjoy, or at least her performance. I loved Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, Pleasantville and Election, but I thought she was especially good in Walk the Line. She is also one of those celebrities who nearly always manages to look great- on the red carpet and off. Two of my favorite looks of hers:

And here are those same looks for under $100 each- just for you. Yes, you can leave a comment to thank me.
Stretch Tank, Old Navy, $10
Print Skirt, JC Penney, $19.99
Cross-Body Bag, Nine West, $29.99
Oversize Sunglasses, Sunglass Shack, $17.99
Total: $85.98

For this outfit, I chose to focus on the shape of the pieces and the overall color scheme. The navy scoop-neck tank is pretty spot-on, (in my opinion) and while the skirt is not the same type of print, the silhouette is still flowy and breezy, like Reese's. For the bag, I chose to depart from Reese's white color choice because of how much white is in the skirt in my set. Unfortunately I couldn't find one with brown detailing like hers (which helps off-set the white), so I chose to go with a metallic instead. White would have been too matchy-matchy for my set. Finally, the oversize sunglasses finish off the look and there's enough left in our $100 budget for an inexpensive pair of flip flops or ballet flats. Next!

Organic Tee, Fair Indigo, $15.50
Skinny Ankle Jean, NY & Co, $14.95
Oversize Sunglasses, Forever 21, $5.80
Slingback Flat, Payless, $17.99
Large Hobo Bag, Target, $24.99
Total: $81.23

This look was deceptively difficult to recreate for under $100 because it is actually a LOT of pieces. At first glance, it's a charcoal grey top and a pair of white skinny jeans, but when you look a little closer, there's a necklace, a large handbag, sunglasses and shoes. There's also an iPhone, but I didn't count that towards the fashions. It would have put me WAY over budget!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Beth said...

I love this post! I love Reese, I love the sophisticated-yet-simple ensems you chose– it's great. And now I totally want to find a JC Penney to buy that printed skirt. Do you think that's the kind of skirt that could work on any body type?

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Beth- I do think that skirt is flattering for any body-type because it's gathered without being too full and it's pretty short, so even someone who is petite or not exactly blessed with super-long gams won't be overwhelmed in it. As I've said before, it's all about proportion and this skirt will work on just about anyone for that reason.

Beth said...


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