Saturday, March 2, 2013

Accessories Anonymous: Statement Studs

It used to be that to wear a large earring, you had to pick a chandelier, or some type of drop earring. These days, there is an abundance of amazing statement stud earrings and I just can't get enough! I'm in love with every single one of these. In fact, if any of you lovely readers out there want to express your gratitude for my ongoing commitment to quality style blogging with a small gift, may I suggest something below? Of course I'm kidding. I'm not giving any of you crazy stalkers my address! As if!

Anyway, back to the fashion. These are all amazing:

The color combination is perfect for spring! Love! 

Never Too Jaded Earrings, Modcloth, $12.99
Mad Men, anyone? I can so see these on Betty Draper. 

Cobalt Talon Studs, Bauble Bar, $24
These remind me of something Phylicia Rashad might have worn in her Claire Huxtable days. 

Mixed Gemstone Studs, ASOS, $25.43

Stone Bouquet Studs, ASOS, $20.35
(Exactly the same as the first pair, but in a different color. So glamorous!)

So, whether you're more inclined to wear dainty studs or bold chandeliers, why not give the statement stud a try? It might be a fun departure for you- you never know!

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