Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Did Some Damage...

A few weeks ago, I went shopping with Beth and came home with hardly anything. Well, yesterday, I made a second attempt and I did some serious damage. It was just one of those magical shopping days when everything seems to just work. I went out with very little in mind. I was hoping to find a nice pair of black skinnies, and I failed at that. However, I did succeed at finding everything else that I wasn't looking for, but that seemed to belong in my closet.

I maintained my "elevate" theme throughout this shopping excursion and I'm happy to report that I found some seriously awesome pieces at decent prices. Keep in mind, "elevating" doesn't have to mean paying full price, or paying a lot of money. I did splurge on a couple of items, but nothing too extravagant.

First, I needed a cross-body bag that's pretty small, but can still carry my wallet, keys, a lipgloss or two, a pair of sunnies and my cell phone. Cue DSW and the many colorful options:

After narrowing down the bag style, I was still faced with several awesome color choices! In the end, I chose: 

... the fucshia! I thought it was $49.95, but at the register, the price ended up being only $39.95.  It's the "Steven" by Steve Madden line, his plastic diffusion line. I can at least appreciate the utilitarian nature of an all PVC bag. I can hose it down when it gets dirty, at least. The same can't be said for my leather handbags, I suppose. I'm flying down to North Carolina next week to see the Professor and I wanted to have a bag like this for that trip. I think it's going to be perfect and will handle the wear and tear that traveling tends to impart on luggage and bags. 

I also snagged a bargain pair of Converse Chuck Taylors in the super trendy mint color that is literally EVERYWHERE right now: 

How stinkin' cute are those? 

I did leave lots of adorable shoes behind, though. After all, this was our first stop at the North Shore Mall and I didn't want to spend all my beans in one store! These shoes were hard to leave behind, but it was the right thing to do: 

You know I love a good oxford, especially one that's tied with a grosgrain ribbon! 

These wedges are so awesome- I think it would be hard to decide which color to get. I love both! Well, I'll leave that decision for another day... 

Check back soon to see what other deals and awesome pieces I scored on this completely fabulous shopping excursion! Thank you for reading! 

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MJ said...

Love the bag and the Chucks! I got a pair of navy blue chucks a month ago. Can't wait to wear them with my white skinny jeans!

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