Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Chambray: Music City Style

I don't watch a lot of TV in real time. With Netflix, Hulu and all the streaming video websites, I can't remember the last time I actually watched a TV show on an actual TV. The great thing about most of those websites is that you can catch up on an entire season in a matter of weeks (or days, if you're home with the flu or just plain lazy).

One of my guilty pleasures last year was the show "Smash" about the mounting of an original Broadway musical. The acting was terrible, the writing was worse, but the production numbers were spectacular. One of my coworkers and I used to secretly re-hash each episode, because we didn't want anyone to know that we were obsessed with such a terrible show. I guess the cat's out of the bag for me, now that I'm posting it here on my blog, but I'll keep her identity a secret. This season, the show is even worse- the new characters are just irritating and the plot lines couldn't interest me less. And those plot lines that I hate so much? Well, they've pretty much put a stop to all those glorious production numbers that are basically the sole reason I watch the show.

I complained about that to my coworker and she recommended I check out another show- "Nashville." She was right that I would love it. It's right up my alley- the songs aren't production numbers, but there is a lot of singing, a lot of musical performances. I love country music, too, so that's a bonus. And even though I'm born & bred Yankee girl, there is something so alluring about western wear. I love cowboy boots. I love denim and chambray. I love that casual, country vibe that comes from western wear. I even like the cheesy "fancy" western wear- the embroidered shirts and jackets and the "dressy"cowboy hats.

I was intrigued by the idea of a chambray shirt in my wardrobe before I started watching this show, but now that I keep seeing all these gorgeous TV stars in perfect little country-western outfits, I think I'll be dreaming about chambray until it's officially a part of my wardrobe.

There was the one from yesterday that looked pretty great, but I walked away from it. Now, I'm really starting to think that might have been a mistake. If I go back to get it and it's no longer there, I'll need a back-up plan. I think one of these may make due:

Western Shirt, Levi's $68

1969 Western Shirt, Gap, $49.95

None of these are as appealing as the shirt from yesterday AND that one is the least expensive! The more I shop around, the more I think I may have made a big mistake! Aaaahhh!!! Well, if it doesn't work out that I find the perfect chambray shirt, I guess I could find something else to obsess over.

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