Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Trip to Le Marshalls Boutique

Today is my day off and I had a few errands to run, but once I was done, I stopped in to one of my favorite bargain stores- Marshalls. I thought it might be fun to show you what I tried on because there were a lot of really awesome pieces.

I've been obsessed with chambray lately. I can't explain why. I know that it's all wrong for my wardrobe, but I'm so drawn to it lately. I find it irresistible. Maybe I've been watching a little too much "Nashville" on Hulu. Anyway, when I saw this chambray top with the super cute little white polka-dots, the mother-of-pearl-esque snap closures, the little hook that holds the rolled sleeve up and the flattering seams that nip it in so well, I could hardly resist. But resist I did. It was $30 and I just didn't see spending that much on something I'm not sure I'll even wear. Looking at that photo, now, though... I'm wondering if I made a mistake leaving it behind... 

I know it was NOT a mistake leaving this particular chambray shirt behind, though. It's not nearly as cute and feminine as the first one. Also, it's a little too long and a little too big all around. But I love the faded denim look. 

I thought this top would be great for work. I could tuck it into a high-waisted pencil skirt or even layer it under a cute blazer. I had a whole outfit in my head- my blue J. Crew pencil skirt, with this top and a mint cropped blazer that I was about to try on. Cue the blazer... 

Ummm... that is bad. Nothing about that works. With my hopes for a fabulous outfit dashed, I tossed both pieces to the "reject" pile and moved on to some dresses. 

This adorable party dress just brings a huge smile to my face. It's so whimsical and fun! The full skirt, the tailored bodice, the little black belt that comes with it- it's all adorable! It even has covered buttons up the back instead of a zipper! Unfortunately, I don't have any parties coming up anytime soon, so this was yet another item that I sent packing. 

I always love the girls who can pull off a blouse-y dress like this. I am just not one of them. (P.S. What happened to my waist? This dress stole it! Reject!)

This dress was a bargain at $24.99, and admittedly, it looks pretty fabulous. It has that magical slimming effect. But for some reason, I just wasn't feeling it today. This one landed in the reject pile, too. 

Finally, I decided to try on a few pair of jeans. You know how that goes, right? When giving women advice about shopping for jeans, I always tell them to plan on trying on what feels like a million different pair before you find a single pair you like. That's what I was prepared for today, but then something magical happened! The first pair I put on fit perfectly, looked amazing, were completely comfortable and were on sale for $17! 

 Just look at those fabulous skinnies! I love everything about them! I probably should have thrown my boots back on to snap the photo, but oh, well. You can still appreciate a good pair of jeans, even without the proper footwear. I can picture these bad boys with some tall wedges and a flowy top come springtime. 

So there you have it- an afternoon shopping excursion with me. I'm sure you agree with most of my purchasing decisions- if you don't love it or need it, or you don't think you'll wear it, then reject it. The only rejection I'm questioning is the first chambray shirt. Leave a comment and tell me if you think I messed up on that one. Maybe on my next day off I can swing back down there and snatch it up if it's still there. Or not. You be the judge! 


Beth said...

Not only do you look amazing (even in your "rejects"), you are right there taking photos of my nightmare scenario. The dressing room is the scariest place to me. Your confidence (well deserved because you rock) is your most fashionable asset.

Beth said...

And I think you maybe shoulda bought that chambray shirt.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I am definitely having buyers remorse, but not the kind where you regret what you purchased... the kind where you regret what you left behind! :(

MJ said... look amazing! Holy Skinny Batman. And I agree, the chambray shirt should have been in the "I must buy this because I ROCK this!".

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Oh, no! TWO good friends telling me I screwed up by leaving that chambray shirt behind! I guess this is a perfect example of why you should always shop with friends! :)

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