Friday, March 8, 2013

Accessories Anonymous: New Glasses!

This is the time of year when I take a look at my Flexible Spending Account and realize I never went to the doctor this year. Suddenly I find myself with a deadline to spend all the money left in it. This year's deadline is March 15th. The easiest way for me to get rid of it all is to just buy a new pair of glasses. It makes a lot more sense than stocking up on tons of NyQuil. It's also a lot more stylish.

I am a huge fan of funky glasses, and this new pair is no exception. They're a fabulous line by Dilem Eyewear that allows you to first choose your frames and then to customize them with different sets of temples. Each pair of glasses comes with 2 sets of temples, so right off the bat you've got a little variety. You can of course order more sets of temples, if your little heart desires. Mine desired the standard 2 sets.

I've always wanted a pair of true red glasses. I've also always wanted to wear true red lipstick. For some reason my skin tone just doesn't want to cooperate. Instead of true red, the most flattering lipstick colors tend to be more berry colored. And I discovered while shopping for glasses that true red frames didn't really work on me either. I looked a lot better in deep purples and dark browns. But then the optician showed me these bad boys and I fell in love:

The color is like a deep, burnt orange, and it is fabulous on my skin. The temples I chose in this photo have a light orange and grey polka-dot pattern. The other set I had to order, but it's a super cool bird feather print called "Fenix." The design on these glasses is brilliant. The temples just snap on and off which makes it super easy to switch the look to complement what you're wearing. 

Here are a few other sets that were contenders: 

Cute, but not as fabulous as the orange ones, right? 

These were the true red ones I tried on- see how the color just isn't quite right? Also, the frames aren't as flattering on my face. Not sure why I made this funny face, either. 

These were my 2nd choice- the purple color is so rich and the design of the temples is so unique! 

I think we can all agree I made the best choice. The frames I picked are also available in a deep, chocolate brown color, but I love the idea of the orange- they're so much more special. I can't wait to show you the alternate feather-print temples, too! On the Dilem website, you can browse through all the options and use their glasses simulator to see which frames work best with which temples. Take a minute to click through some of the options and you'll realize just how brilliant this concept is! 

At work I see lots of really fabulous glasses on customers- I've seen Coach, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Gucci- you name it, I've seen glasses of all labels. I kind of love that these glasses are by a different designer, something that isn't yet a household name. Everyone loves to think they've discovered something new, and I'm no exception, I suppose. 

I'll be sure to post a photo once they come in! Have a great day, everyone and as always, thanks for reading! 

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