Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pinterest Organizational Project: FAIL

So, if you know me, you know that I FINALLY got into Pinterest. It's seriously addictive. It was the "funny" board on my mom's page that got me hooked. Now I spend every free minute "pinning" recipes, home decor ideas, DIY projects, fashion ideas- you name it, it's on Pinterest. So, the other day I was thinking about how many clever organizational projects I've seen on Pinterest. Clever and super inexpensive ways to re-organize your life. I decided to try one.

I have a LOT of scarves. I wear them all the time- almost year round. They're a fun fashion statement. My current scarf storage method involves hanging them on a plastic coat hanger on the inside of my closet door. Like this:

Kind of messy, but not horrible. Well, while browsing Pinterest, I saw a whole bunch of DIY scarf holder projects that were modeled after this one from Ikea: 

Most projects involved making circles out of wire coat hangers and taping them together. Seemed pretty simple, right? I thought that I was even more brilliant when I decided not to waste an hour of my life cutting coat hangers and fashioning the pieces into circles. Instead, I decided I should just use a $1.38 package of shower curtain rings. 

You can see I've already bent the coat hanger into shape. I liked the multiple "U" shapes that allowed for hanging belts or small scarves on the hanger itself. And here's the finished product: 

The entire project took about ten minutes to complete. That should have been a red flag. I proudly marched upstairs and started pulling the scarves through the loops. I hung my new scarf hanger in place of my old one and literally before I had a chance to snap a photo, the entire thing fell apart and all my scarves were in a pile on the floor. Fail. 

So, here's how my scarves are currently organized in my closet: 

They're slightly neater and more organized than before the project began, but the single coat hanger method is going to have to work for me for now. After all, the closest Ikea is over an hour away. I'm not driving that far for a scarf organizer anytime soon. 

So, the lesson here is to remember that DIY projects on Pinterest aren't always as they seem. But at least in this case, nothing was damaged and we can all have a good laugh at what a fool I can be. 

Have a great day and as always, thanks for reading! 


Sadaf's Kitchen said...

Hi Renee,

Oh well! thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it! :)
I am looking for DIY projects to make a scarf hanger for myself too..


gMarie said...

I like your method of organizing them. To me - that ikea scarf holder seems like it would actually be hard to see all of the scarfs you have. I need to find a way to store mine as I have some I forget about. g

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