Thursday, September 30, 2010

Style Consultation/Party/Workshop- Book Yours Today!

Now that I've officially relocated to New England, I'm starting to focus on getting some new styling clientele. One of my favorite things to do is a one-on-one closet consultation. I've done this with many different people from all walks of life- from a working mom to a school teacher to a professional jazz singer. It's an absolute blast to do and at the end, I guarantee you'll view the items in your closet with a whole new perspective. How many times have you opened your closet door, looked inside and thought, "I have nothing to wear." We all know that's ridiculous- there are dozens of items in there, and the real problem is putting together an outfit. I can't begin to tell you how surprised my clients have been when I've taken a few pieces from their own closet and created an entirely "new" outfit that they never would have thought of.

At the end of one of my closet consultations, you'll have three groups of clothes and accessories: items to toss, items to keep as-is and items to alter. You will also have a short list of items that would help round out your wardrobe like specific accessories, or staple clothing items. I don't necessarily believe in "ten staple clothing items" or "the perfect accessory." I believe each woman and man is unique and there is no simple solution to anyone's wardrobe. Instead, I believe in considering each clients personality, lifestyle and wardrobe needs and I apply those things to my advice in any closet consultation. How much for such an informative and fun service? Only $50 for a minimum 2-hour session. You can even combine with a spouse or family member or roommate for a $75 couples closet consultation.

Another fun styling service you can book with me are style parties. Host a fun evening with your friends- men, women or both- and me! I'll show each attendee how to dress to look their absolute best no matter the occasion- it's like having your own Stacey and Clinton party! It's a perfect weeknight or Saturday afternoon gathering and everyone leaves feeling more stylish than when they arrived.

Finally, consider utilizing me at work- do you need someone to explain to your employees how best to dress for the workplace? A simple presentation is all it takes to get your staff looking their best. Appearance is an important quality especially in any field involving clients or customer service. I recently presented a workshop for a womens club that was geared towards new graduates. I spoke on age-appropriate attire, dressing for work, for an interview, even dressing for college classes.

Do any of these service appeal to you? Do you live or work in the New England area? Visit my website for a complete list of styling services. Gift certificates are also available and they make a fabulous birthday or anniversary present and stocking stuffer!

Visit my website here. Come back and leave a comment here telling me what you think!

Tapas Blogging

The Fug Girls have discovered a fashion rule that, unlike most other fashion rules, should not be broken.

I am supremely disappointed in Glamour magazine for posting this article about what a great idea it is to wear high-waisted, pleated pants. The outfit picture shown to demostrate the virtues of this fashion horror is not helping matters. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment- you know I love them (comments, that is. Not pleated high-waisted pants).

Generally speaking, when it comes to fashion, I like my men to look like men. Not like little boys. Or women. Or clowns. Thank you Burberry, Costume National, DSquared2,  and Hermes for NYFW Spring 2011 collections that are designed for men. Balenciaga, Alexis Mabille, and especially Commes de Garcon, you're on notice.

For those of you looking for more environmentally and ethically sound clothing choices, Eco Fashion World is your resource. With a list of eco-friendly online stores, and fashion brands, as well as news, books and education, open jobs in the industry and even a breakdown of the various types of eco-friendly fashion choices you can make. Whether you prefer vegan, vintage, fair trade, or all of the above and then some, this guide can help you find what you're looking for. (Although, I didn't see Fair Indigo in their list of stores, so I may have to email them about that...)

In corporate America, it isn't easy for women to look both professional and feminine. Fortunately for us, Lucky Magazine has put together a fabulous slideshow entitled "15 Feminine Pieces to Instantly Update your Work Wardrobe."

Continuing with the magazine theme, I was fascinated by the "Top 10 Fall Beauty Trends" by Allure. My faves? #1- Red Lips and #5- Rough Waves.

Speaking of beauty tricks, I am loving this video by our favorite make-up artist Kandee Johnson. Whether you are getting ready for a school picture day (it's that time of year again!), or any other type of photo- passport, family portrait, even your drivers license or workplace ID, this make-up technique will do the trick.

While I've always loved ModCloth's pieces for summer, every now and then, there's an amazing something or other that is just perfect for the cooler months of the year. Like this dress, these boots and this coat. In fact, I see no reason not to buy all three and wear them all together!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- I need wedge boots!

On Saturday while I was out shopping with my bestie, Beth, I saw a woman in a pair of wedge boots. I've been wanting a pair of black or brown wedge boots for more than a year now. I have yet to find a pair that I love. Well, Beth and I were in Marshalls in the shoe department and I saw a woman about my age trying on the most beautiful pair of wedge knee-high boots. After she tried them on (and fell in love, unfortunately), I asked her where she found them. She said she couldn't remember and then clung to them a little harder, as if I might snatch them right out of her hands. (Who am I kidding? I totally would!) I searched high and lo for those boots, but to no avail. It seems it wasn't meant to be for me that day.

I found a few nice wedge boots online, but none of them quite measure up to the boots from Saturday. I suppose I'll just have to keep looking. But just because I can't find the perfect wedge boot doesn't mean the same fate awaits you. Go out and get your wedge boots while you still can! Happy shopping, everyone!

Fitzwell Jackie Boot, Zappos, $129 (Available in black, burgundy and grey)

Steve Madden Smyrna Boot, Zappos, $149.95

What's your fall treasure hunt? Leave  a comment to tell me all about it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Shopping with my Mom

Ever since moving back to New Hampshire, I've been very busy, which is why I haven't been blogging regularly. But that's not all- I don't feel like I've been able to establish a routine for myself yet. I am enjoying the freedom in my schedule, but it mostly means that I'm out visiting friends and catching up a lot of the time. I am loving that aspect of being home.

Another part of being home that I'm enjoying is getting to shop with all my favorite people. I love helping friends and family find that perfect outfit for whatever it is that they are shopping for. Today the task was to help my mom find an outfit for my cousin's wedding. We ended up narrowing it down to two options. The first was a grey wool Calvin Klein that was certainly beautiful and quite versatile. The second option was for a gorgeous yellow dress by Adrianna Papell which would require some creativity to get it to work for a fall wedding. I tend to be pretty outlandish with my clothing choices, and I don't always expect everyone to agree with what I think is best. But every now and then, someone will surprise me. Today, it was my mom. I fully expected her to choose the grey CK dress not only because she genuinely loved it and it looked great on her, but also because she is pretty conservative in her choice of clothing. Instead, she ended up buying the yellow dress after I told her I could help make it work for the season, for the event and for her body. And the funny part is that I fell in love with the dress on the hanger, but even up until the moment it was zipped, she was skeptical. Then when she saw it on, she fell in love, too!

All items from Macy's:
Dress: $75
Shoes: $52
Shawl: $19.99

The dress itself is bordering on the seasons- the wrong accessories could take it to spring or summer. Well, I suppose they'd be the right accessories at another time of year, but right now, the goal is to make this dress work for fall. I chose to do this mostly through color.

What I love about the dress (besides the color) is the neckline- it's a gorgeous ruched scoop neck with a floral embellishment on the left side. The dress itself is sleeveless, but a jacket or cardigan would cover up the beautiful floral detail not to mention the beautiful draping in front. I recommended my mom pair the dress with copper-y brown wedges, a set of pearls she already owned in a similar copper-y brown and a rust colored wrap. The wrap is so simple and yet it does exactly what this outfit needs it to do:

1.) It covers the upper arms both for warmth and because my mom is more comfortable with her arms covered. And it does this while still showing off the floral detail of the dress! The neckline isn't ruined one bit!
2.) It also adds an additional fall color to the mix, but also looks gorgeous next to both the yellow and the copper-y brown. The three colors together remind me of the foliage all around right now:

I'm really proud of her for stepping out of the box and wearing something other than a traditional LBD or standard wedding attire. The outfit is perfectly appropriate, but also unique. I think she can rest assured that no one will be showing up in the same outfit.

To achieve this wrap look, simply drape a large scarf or pashmina-style shawl over your shoulders, then tie the ends behind your back loosely enough that your arms are mobile, but snug enough that the shawl stays in place. The effect is like a 3/4 sleeve bolero from the front, and a basic wrap-look from behind. And since it's tied in place, you won't be struggling all night trying to keep your wrap in place around your shoulders.

And since I know you want a close-up of those gorgeous shoes, here it is:

If you live in the New England area and are interested in utilitzing my unique personal styling services, visit my website or email me to set up an initial appointment. Whether you need help choosing an outfit for an event, or your entire wardrobe needs an overhaul, I'm available to assist you. And don't be fooled- this type of service is not nearly as expensive as you might think. So many people think that only the wealthy or famous have personal stylists, but the truth is that it can be quite affordable- one of my recent clients was a local school teacher and another was a working mom. Fashion knows no boundaries! Contact me anytime for more informtion- I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Project Runway: Season 8, Episode 9

WIN: Mondo
AUF'd: Ivy

When this season first started, I was thrilled for the additional 30 minutes added to each episode. I felt for a long time that the extra length made the show feel less rushed and we were able to see more of the design process as a result. Now I just find it annoying because I feel like some of these contestants intolerable and an extra 30 minutes of them is practically torture. Examples? Gretchen and Ivy. I can't say how happy I am to finally see at least one of them go. The contestants who get along with her keep saying what a great person she is, but I've found her to be nothing more than an arrogant shrew with decent sewing skills, but not much creativity or point-of-view as a designer. Her best work was last week's challenge- the sportswear inspired by Jackie O. This week? Not so much:

This gown is not salvageable, in my opinion. Tim Gunn said it was unfortunate that she was judged on two unfinished garments, but I don't think finishing would have made a difference. The colors didn't work, the concept was too literal and the fit was horrific. Look at the way the fabric is pulling across the models hips- it's hideous. I agree with the judges decision to send Ivy home. I did not, however, agree with them that Gretchen's design was amazing. They loved this awful mostrosity:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems like something you'd see at the Rennaissance Faire, especially that headpiece! Gretchen started off strong in this competition, but she hasn't been in the top for a while and in fact has been in the bottom more than once. She certainly has a point of view, but it's not one that I like.

On the other hand, I was proud of Mondo for his second win in a row! Both of his looks were perfectly in line with the challenge and with his point of view:

The length on the front of his "high fashion" look is unfortunate- I wonder why he didn't re-do the front of that skirt. But I suppose it wasn't enough to ruin his chances at winning, so why bother re-hashing it? Especially when the ready-to-wear dress is so fabulous and so clear a translation of the first look! I think that the best designers are the ones who can be given a challenge outside of their esthetic and still come out on top. Last week, Mondo proved his worth in that regard with the Jackie O. sportswear challenge and this week he solidified my opinion of him as a strong designer. Also, I love his cute little outfits that he wears on the runway:

He's adorable! Not quite as adorable as Christian Siriano, but close. His personality is a LOT more subdued and his point of view couldn't be further from Christian's, either. I still like him and I'm happy for him for this win.

Next week, I hope Gretchen goes. I'm done with her. I admit that I'm curious to see her final collection, and it's already online along with the collections of nine other designers. Since fashion week occurred early in the season, all of the designers still on the show had to create runway shows, but 7 of them were decoys. To view them, click here. I couldn't help myself and looked at nearly all of them- basically I looked at the shows of the designers remaining at this point. I won't say much more about it in case you are waiting for the PR finale to see them all.

Happy Monday, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rate My Look- Nothing to Do Today

I woke up early this morning to get ready for my big interview, only to receive an email stating that the woman I was to meet with had called out sick and could I please reschedule. So, you'll have to wait a little longer to find out how the job search is going. Anyway, I suddenly found myself with absolutely no plans for the day. I decided not to waste it, fashion-wise, that is. Since I'd woken up thinking I was going to put together (and put on) a fabulous knock-em-out-of-the-park interview outfit, my creative juices were flowing. I decided I felt like wearing color and lots of it:

It all started when I pulled out the green dress and realized I haven't worn it in ages. It's a perfect dress for this time of year- the sleeves help keep off the barely-there chill that you can feel in the air now that fall has arrived. Although, I must admit, the last few days have been true Indian summer days- unseasonably warm. I'm not complaining, just observing. Since the dress is a tad low-cut, I always wear it with a cami, normally a beige or brown one, but today I saw my hot pink cami in the drawer and realized what a fun pairing that would be. From there, I couldnt't help but add the royal blue scarf, the turquoise ring and (drum roll, please) my NEW yellow handbag!




Sometimes the perfect item just magically finds its way into your life. That is what happened with this bag. I stopped in to the local Marshalls superstore (one I have missed a great deal for the last four years I've lived in PA) because they have an amazing shoe department. I happened to check out some of the handbags while I was there. I had no intention of buying one, since I'm meeting up with Beth later this week and one of our goals is to find me the perfect handbag. If you remember, I was looking for a bag that was not too big, not too small, had plenty of pockets- multiple large compartments as well as plenty of interior and hopefully exterior pockets. I wasn't certain about the color I wanted, and some would even say I was all over the board with that- bright yellow, kelly green, pewter/gunmetal, burnt orange, the list goes on. The main thing was that whatever color I ended up with, I didn't want it to look cheap.

This bag meets every requirement:

- Gorgeous, rich color
- 3 Large compartments
- Inside zipper pocket
- 2 Inside slip pockets
- SIX (yes, SIX) outside pockets. Actually, there are 8, since the front pockets have additional zippered pouches in front, but I doubt I'll use them
- Excellent price

There were even two bonus points:
- Free mini-umbrella inside the bag (with its own snap-closure compartment)
- Free key ring included

The "excellent price" bullet point is the best part for me. I only paid $32 for this gem of a bag! For that price, I thought it was surely a synthetic, but I noticed a sign at the store that said, "Franco Sarto Leather Handbags," so I asked the saleslady if all the Franco Sarto bags were leather and she said absolutely, yes, they were ALL leather. For the price I paid, I expected nothing more than a cheap plastic handbag, but apparently my good shopping karma was in abundance yesterday!

The other exciting part of the day was that I got to wear my contacts again for the first time in TWO WEEKS! Can you believe that? My pink eye is finally gone and I got to not only wear my contacts, but I also got to wear eye make-up again! I had to throw out SO much of my eye make-up when I found out about the conjunctivitis and it was very upsetting. It will take me a while to replace it all- make-up is expensive! I started with just a basic neutral palette and some liners this week, figuring they'll tide me over until I can find some new, fun colors. Once again, my shopping karma was doing good because when I went to CVS to look for make-up, I discovered that ALL L'Oreal products were buy-one-get-one-half-off! I saved about $10 on what I bought, which was enough to purchase this briefcase-style bag at a consigment shop down the street:

It's nothing fancy, but that's what I wanted. I realized when I was preparing for my interview that I didn't have a briefcase-style bag for holding my portfolio, resume, etc. I think I lucked out finding this one so cheap. And in the process of buying it, I realized there are several consignment/thrift shops nearby, so I'll have to do New Hampshire version of my consigment shop review post. It may take me a while to get to all of them, but there are enough that I feel it's worth the time.

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Casual Renee

There is photographic proof that I do not ALWAYS get dressed up. It's true. Like when I walked the Freedom Trail on Monday:

Here I am in the Boston Common, just starting the trail I didn't get a photo of the whole outfit, but it's one of my favorite Life is Good long-sleeve t-shirts and my skinnies. I cuffed them up and wore them with comfortable sneakers. It ended up being pretty sunny and since I was still sporting the "six eyes" look because I was still on pink eye medication, I ended up buying a ball cap to shield my eyes from the sun:

In this photo, I just got some good news, so my friend Amy thought that would make a great photo. I agree! You can see my lovely new $7 (bargain!) ball cap that I bought from a street vendor to keep the sun out of my eyes. It worked like a dream. And as my other friend Aaron pointed out, it matches my shirt. I swear, I did that completely by accident.

So there you have it: proof that I can dress down. Believe it or not, there are people who have asked if I am capable of doing it. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Encore

Shoe Dazzle you guys are killing me! You know I'm on a self-imposed shoe-buying ban until AFTER I find a new job! And yet you put this in my showroom:

How can I resist the blue faux-snakeskin and the oversized Mary Jane strap in lovely contrasting chocolate brown faux-suede? The wide heel makes it great for trekking along a snowy walkway in New England, while the rest is just simply beautiful. Practical AND pretty? It is SO hard to resist! But resist I must! If I buy anything before finding gainful employment, it will be a handbag. A perfect handbag and nothing less. After resisting all these amazing shoes this week, I deserve nothing less.

Shoesday Tuesday- I'm back!

After an incredibly busy couple of days, I am happy to announce I am back to blogging! Friday morning was spent doing final cleaning and packing preparations in my Pennsylvania apartment. Friday afternoon was spent picking up the truck and the car tow-carrier, then we had to figure out how to take the carrier off the hitch, then pack the truck, then figure out how to get the car up ON the carrier and attached to the truck again. It was not easy and I would never have managed without some amazing friends helping me out. You guys know who you are! After we finished the packing and car-towing situation, a couple of friends sat with me on the floor of my empty living room with sandwiches and a bottle of wine for a "house cooling." I'd never heard that term before, but I kind of like it.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early putting the last few items in the truck and then I made the eight hour drive up to New Hampshire. I made excellent time and it was (thankfully) an uneventful drive. It only took about an hour to unload the truck, and take my car off the tow. I really wish I'd taken a picture, because even now I find it hard to believe that I did the drive with the truck and my car towed behind it all by myself! I had to get gas twice along the route and of course I had to navigate the tolls and highways. It was definitely stressful. I kept thinking I'd look in the mirror and my car would be gone! Fortunately, that never happened. Everything arrived in one piece and now I'm happily settled back home.

So that explains why I didn't blog on Friday or Saturday, but it's Tuesday, so what's my excuse for Sunday and Monday, right? Well, Sunday was spent first at church and then at an afternoon gathering with several families from church. My mom is so excited for me to be back in the area, she promised the hosts I would attend. She enjoys showing off her kids. After a delicious meal of pasta with meatballs, sauce, garlic bread, salad and some decadent desserts, I finally went home and spent the rest of the evening unpacking and organizing. Since I was so organized with my packing, it was pretty simple to unpack it all. Unfortunately, I went from having two large closets in my bedroom to one medium-sized closet. I managed to find a place for everything without feeling too cramped. Monday was another day for socializing- my friend Amy and her husband were up in Boston for a couple of days, so we spent the entire day walking most of the Freedom Trail. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'd never walked it before, but now that I have, I definitely recommend it if you are in the area. It's a great way to see a LOT of Boston and get a little history lesson, too. My favorite stop on the trip was Paul Revere's house, mostly because it's in the North End, so it's not far from Italian restaurants and pastry shops full of all sorts of decadent and delicious things. Yum!

So that brings us to Tuesday, and I'm back on the laptop, posting a blog. But I can't post only about the last four days of moving and socializing. Nope, it's Shoesday Tuesday, so I have to show you a pair of the most beautiful t-strap two-tone heels I've seen in a long time:

While at Quincy Market (basically the mid-point of the Freedom Trail), we took a little detour into one of the many shops. Our stop? Urban Outfitters, of course. These two-tone wing-tips took my breath away- I fell in love. I did, however, exercise restraint. At $48 for the pair, it was not an easy thing to do. If you want a pair of these for yourself, they're available online as well.

I considered justifying the purchase by telling myself I could wear them to my job interview this week (yes, isn't that exciting?!?! A job interview!!!). But even I know how deluded an idea that was when I consider that I haven't even decided on an outfit, so how could I possibly justify buying a new pair of shoes at this point? Maybe after I get the job, I'll consider buying them for myself as a reward. Time will tell. In the meantime, I've just stressed myself out over picking an outfit for the interview, so I'm gonna end this post and head up to my cramped closet to figure it out. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Runway: Season 8, Episode 8

I know I said I wasn't going to be blogging between now and after my move, but I couldn't resist blogging about Project Runway!

WIN: Mondo
AUF'd: Michael D.

What a fun challenge! I still stand by my opinion that whenever there is a true icon involved with the challenge, that the designers tend to implode a little bit from all the pressure. I completely agree with the judges that Mondo was the clear winner. It seemed as though no on else had an entire look that the judges loved. I absolutely love how easy it was to see Jackie Kennedy in Mondo's look, while at the same time seeing just as much Mondo in it. His fabric and print choices were spot on.

I'm not sure what's up with this awkward photo- did Lifetime not want us to see the jacket? Or did they love the purple lining so much, that's all they wanted us to see? Anyway, I'm really happy for Mondo and I think he is truly deserving of this win.

As for Michael, I somewhat agree with the judges. I would have been fine seeing either Michael or Andy go home for their designs. Andy's look was truly fitting with his design esthetic, but it had absolutely nothing to do with Jackie O. And Michael's design was just weird:

Aside from the designs of the episode, I just have to comment on Gretchen. Is anyone else just completely OVER her? I find that every week I have fewer good things to say about her. For a while, I found myself thinking, "Well, at least she's a good designer." But the more I see of her, the less that matters. I hope I'm wrong about her and that she's just being edited into such a villian.

And finally, I just thought I'd let you all know that there are TEN P.R. runway shows from fashion week that you can view here. The remaining designers all get to show at fashion week to avoid spoilers, but we won't know for a few more weeks which ones were decoys and which ones were the true finalists. I am trying to avoid looking at them because I don't want to spoil the surprise. Also, I like to see and hear the inspiration and process- it always helps me appreciate the looks that much more.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edible Fashion

When I gave my notice to AMT, I explicitly told them, "No cake." Those farewell cakes are always so awkward and sad and then everyone eats their feelings. Well, when I saw MY farewell cake, it was NOTHING like I expected it to be! It was the perfect cake for a costume designer:

Not only is it a ballgown cake, but they made sure it was my favorite color- Tiffany blue! I was so touched! And it was delicious, to boot. They also had lots of cupcakes to go with the giant ballgown cake and everyone came to say "Goodbye." It was a perfect ending to a great job that I have truly enjoyed for nearly four years. But it's time for the next step in my life. I'm packing my entire apartment into a moving truck tomorrow afternoon and driving the nearly 500 miles up to New Hampshire on Saturday. Wish me luck! I don't think I'll have much time to blog between now and then, but once I get settled, I'll get right back to it. In the meantime, feel free to click through some of my archives if you have fashion-blog-withdrawal. Can you believe I have nearly 500 posts? I can hardly believe it.

On another note, I'm excited to be in another area with a whole new world of fashion to explore. Boston is a pretty fashionable city. It's not New York, but it's also very different from the style of Central Pennsylvania! Since I have so many fashionable friends back home in New England, I'm really hoping they'll all be willing to be featured on the blog every now and then.

Finally, if you live in the New England area and are interested in utilizing my styling services, feel free to visit my website. You can email me to book a closet consultation or a style party or to talk about just about any fashion or style-related needs you may have. Also, (prepare yourself for the shameless plug) the holidays will be here sooner than you could possibly imagine, and what better stocking stuffer is there than a gift certificate for my styling services? You can purchase them on my website here. See you in New England!

NYFW Favorites- Betsey Johnson

I adore Betsey Johnson- her color and print choices are always whimsical and over-the-top. And amidst the sea of neutrals at this year's fashion week, her show was a welcome breath of fresh air. A punked-out-prom-queen-Alice-in-Wonderland-on-acid breath, that is. The separates that started the show were all bright primary colors with Halloween-witch-style horizontal striped stockings and oversize chain belts, fingerless motorcycle gloves- it was all pretty insane. The dresses were truly out of a fantasy world- a more edgy version of "Pushing Daisies" style clothes with super-full skirts complete with huge ruffled petticoats, neon fabrics and prints and huge, chunky necklaces that stated (I think) "RIDE ME." No comment.

My favorites were, of course, the over-the-top dresses and gowns:

(I DIE!)

The show featured about 60 different looks and Betsey managed to cover nearly every color in the rainbow as well as some black and white neutral looks. Although, her version of "neutral" is pretty outlandish for just about anyone else. I'm curious about the last few gowns in the show- if we plunged the audience into darkness and then switched on a blacklight, would they glow? They look bright enough that they might!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Found My New Handbag...

It's true- I've found exactly the bag I've been looking for. Or should I say "bags." There are three that are suitable choices. Actually, they are all the same shape and style, but the colors and textiles vary. Check 'em out:

All three of these beauties are currently on the 50% off clearance table at the local Coach Outlet. I stopped in for a moment just to look around and I fell in love. After the discount, plus an additional 25% off for making a $1 donation to breast cancer research, the price on these babies is a mere $108 plus tax. I did not buy one, but it took some serious self-restraint. I have decided to reward myself with a new handbag after I find a job, not before. (I'll keep all of you posted on that front just as soon as there is news to share.) My favorite is the grey, but I'm certain it would be a nightmare trying to keep it clean. The purple is also lovely and the green leather is just scrumptious. Inside the bag are three large compartments, a zippered pocket and slip pockets. These bags meet all my requirements!

Since I've forbidden myself from buying the bag, I suppose someone generous will simply have to buy it for me. What better gift for someone starting a new phase in her life and career, right? I thank you in advance, generous, anonymous bag-buyer. I'll look forward to the gift-wrapped package.

NYFW Favorites- Menswear

Can we talk about Burberry for a minute? And how amazing their menswear show looked? I'm really only talking about the coats and jackets. I loved SO many of them!

The blazers, the bombers, the trenches- it was stunning:

The epaulettes, the military-style button details, the rich fabrics and trims- every one of these jackets is a winner. I'm pretty sure that short-sleeve look is a shirt, not a jacket, but it was too fabulous not to include. I guess Burberry is taking this military trend pretty seriously! The last trench just kills me with those buckle-style epaulettes and the details on the sleeves. I also fell in love with the ones that have contrast color epaulettes! I'm dying over here! Please, someone get me a handsome manly man to wear that last coat and escort me around town. Not one of the skinny little male model boy toys pictured, but a broad shouldered MAN, please. Side note: Look at the shape of the faces of each of the models pictured above. It's a little creepy how similar they all look, huh? Their sunken cheeks are creeping me out, but I don't care because the jackets are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Advantages of Pink Eye

The advantages of having pink eye? More accessories:

Not just four eyes. I'm six eyes when it's sunny.

No, I do not have those fancy prescription sunglasses or those fancy prescription glasses that magically turn into sunglasses and then magically turn back to regular glasses. Nope. I've just got straight-up regular glasses. Without my contacts or glasses, I am beyond blind. If I want to read something without my glasses, it needs to be less than six inches from my face. Side note: my blindness has made it pretty difficult to put on make-up this week, and I'm not even allowed to wear eye make-up. But the point I'm trying to make here is that my pink eye isn't all bad. I get to wear more accessories than usual- I don't have to decide between regular glasses OR sunglasses. Nope. I get to wear both. Who said pink eye was all bad?

Fall means.... Outerwear!

The chill in the air is here to stay- for the next several months, anyway. I love nothing more than a cozy warm sweater or a gorgeous, tailored jacket and the fall and winter months are perfect for displaying my favorite outerwear. I love pieces that are unique- whether it is the color, or a special detail like fur trimming or just an interesting and unique design. Etsy is chock-full of perfect examples:

Seaside Wool Wrap, Econica, $135

Riona Hand-knitted Cardigan, Ovejanegra, $145

The Fall Beige Coat, Zoephobic, $160

A high-quality piece of outerwear will often be one of the more expensive items in your closet, but if you select something flattering and classic, you'll have it for years to come. It will have been a worthy investment in the long run. Check the craftsmanship when you are selecting an item like a jacket or coat. Many mass-produced jackets and coats and often fused together at the seams, not sewn. Look for secure stitching that will stand the test of time. And if after a few seasons, your beloved coat starts to wear out, or come apart at the seams, then take it to a tailor and have them assess the damage. Often for around $20-30 (or even less sometimes) you can have the coat repaired. If that small investment takes it through another couple of seasons, it's definitely worthwhile. In the meantime, take the time to properly care for your outerwear. At the end of the cold seasons, assess the status of your coats- are the buttons coming loose? Is there a seam coming apart? Is the lining getting worn out? Have the coat professionally cleaned and repaired in the off-season and then when the cold weather comes around again, the work will already be done. You'll be far more likely to wear the coat again if you've already taken care of the maintenance. Yes, it involves a little forward-thinking, but in the long run, you'll thank me for taking this advice.

Shoesday Tuesday- Something I'll Never Understand

Do you know what I don't understand? Unicorn heels:

Also, with that first shoe? Was the weirdo heel not enough crazy for them? They had to add a bonkers ruffle? Even with out the unicorn heel, that is not a shoe I would want to wear. I know I try to focus on the positive in this blog, but I have never understood that heel and I couldn't resist commenting on it. Thoughts?
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