Monday, June 3, 2013

Shopping Excursion: Success!

You know how my mom and I LOVE taking trips to Newbury Street in Boston to scour the racks of Second Time Around and other second hand and consignment shops. We usually have great success at these places. The last time I was on Newbury Street with some friends, we went to a fabulous new boutique called No Rest for Bridget. I bought a fedora. I've worn it a bunch of times since then. Check it out:

(Don't worry, I'm stopped at a red light while taking this photo.) 

Today, three out of four of us scored something fabulous at NRfB. I probably could have done a little more damage, but while in the store I got the call from the mechanic about the $800 it would take to fix the AC in my 2002 Prius. Since I plan to drive that car into the ground somewhere around 350,000+ miles, $800 is a worthwhile investment. But, it's still $800, so I was frugal with my clothing and accessories shopping and only got a couple of things- a pair of earrings, a cocktail ring and a cute light-weight sweater, perfect for a cool spring night, or as an extra layer on a cooler fall or winter day/night.

What I love about No Rest for Bridget is that it's a store full of adorable, fashionable pieces- clothing AND accessories- right smack in the middle of Newbury Street in Boston. That in itself isn't all that remarkable. What is remarkable is that despite the location and the look of the items and the store, everything in it is so incredibly reasonable in terms of pricing! My hat was around $15 last time and my sweater today was on sale for $34. My friend got a fabulous statement necklace for $16 and my mom got a cute lace top for $24. These are the kind of prices I would expect to pay at the consignment shops on Newbury, not the boutiques.

There are other locations in different parts of the country, so if there's a No Rest for Bridget near you, get there ASAP and support this fabulous little store. It's fast fashion done right.

In addition to Second Time Around and No Rest for Bridget, we also popped into Anthropologie where I tried on this fabulous hat:

Unfortunately, at $68, it was a little out of my accessory budget today, but it sure is adorable. Maybe I'll stalk it online and if the price drops I'll snatch it up. I would totally rock it on a Saturday at work. People love it when I wear hats at work- I always get great compliments on them (even stupid little ones).

All in all, it was a successful shopping excursion and I'm looking forward to my next trip back to No Rest for Bridget. There'll be no rest for me in the meantime while I dream about all the wonderful things there that I've yet to own...

Have a great night, everyone!


MJ said...

I got my dress from No Rest for Bridget. I do love the dress! So fun! Although after the whole "can't take it off the maniquin(sp?)" problem, they called me to charge me 12$ for shipping and processing! I was a bit annoyed, but because I had paid cash for the dress went ahead and paid the shipping. The clothes are reasonably priced so I still feel like the dress was a good deal, but I am disappointed with the customer service.

MJ said...

Update! I wrote to No Rest for Bridget about my shopping experience and they responded. Heather wrote me back was very understanding and kind. They had already spoke with the Boston store to correct the mannequin issue. I will definitely shop there again!!!!!

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