Monday, June 3, 2013

Jersey is Your New Summertime Friend

It was rainy last Wednesday and I needed something comfortable to wear. I started digging through my closet and drawers and kept coming up empty handed. My plans included running a few errands and then seeing a movie with some friends. All I could decide on for my outfit was that I needed to wear my wellies, because of the weather. It was warm and rainy. I wanted to look cute, but be comfortable as well. Finally, I was able to put this look together:

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I never took a picture that day, so I had to re-create it and the lighting and my camera aren't cooperating today. But, you get the idea. It's an adorable outfit, perfectly comfortable for sitting in a movie theatre, running errands in the rain and hanging out with girlfriends. 

What helped me finally get out the door that morning was remembering one thing: when in doubt,  wear jersey. Jersey dresses were once a staple of my wardrobe, but have taken a backseat to dresses in other fabrics like cotton, linen, chiffon and sateen. I have a handful of jersey dresses, but it was this grey one from Old Navy that did the trick. 

Fit & Flare Tee Dress, Old Navy, $17.50 (on sale right now!) 
P.S. I'm showing you the green because I was SO torn when I bought it. I opted for the neutral, but part of me wants to go back and get this vibrant green version! Leave a comment if you think I should! 

Anyway, the thing about a jersey dress is that it's casual and comfortable, so you'll never be accused of being overdressed when you wear one. But you'll also look put-together. Jersey is one of those magical fabrics that hugs your body in just the right way. Why else do you think they make t-shirts with it? The jersey used in this dress is super soft and even feels a little luxurious (if you can believe that). 

If you don't already have an LJD (Little Jersey Dress) in your closet, run out to Old Navy immediately and get yourself one (or five). Need some inspiration? Look no further. I'm sure you can picture yourself in any of these looks whether it's to wear to a trip to the farmer's market or for a walk in the park or a lunch with your girlfriends. Seriously, jersey is your new summertime friend. You will thank me, I promise. 

The Magical Jersey Dress

Keep the look simple and you'll never go wrong. Add a straw fedora or a printed scarf or even some funky boots for a little pizzazz, but ultimately you'll discover that a simple jersey dress looks pretty great on its own and with minimal accessories. Thank you, Old Navy for these and many more options. (Nope, this post wasn't sponsored by Old Navy, I just really like all the jersey dresses they have right now.) 

Have a great day, everyone! 

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MJ said...

Yep get the green! I am thinking I may too!!!

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