Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rate My Look in a Paper Bag Skirt- Hip or Ho-hum?

The paper bag waist skirt trend seems to be here to stay, or for another season or two, at least. The term comes from the way the top of the skirt looks like a paper bag that has been cinched at the top. I have never tried one on in a store, but lately the look has intrigued me. I was in a Banana Republic store not too long ago and saw a super cute one in mustard yellow. It was precious. At nearly $70, I decided it was best not to even try it on. After all, if I fell in love with it, I might somehow find a way to justify spending $70 on a trendy skirt when I know deep down what a terrible choice that would be. I found myself at the fabric store the other day and there was a fabulous bottom-weight poly twill in a bright, fun yellow and it was on sale- 40% off. So for twelve bucks instead of seventy, I now have a paper bag skirt.

The thing about this particular style is that it really shortens the torso even more than a traditional high-waist skirt. In order to look the most flattering, the paper bag skirt has to have the waistband at the natural waist and therefore the ruffled top of the "bag" is even higher than the natural waist. It really only works with a really fitted top and a short hemline. I am not entirely convinced that this is a look that will work for me, but since I'm only out $12, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. If you, however, are interested in trying your own paper bag skirt look, here are a few that I think are pretty cute: 

Dash to Class Skirt, Modcloth, $54.99

What's your take on this trend? Do you love it? Hate it? Don't understand it? Leave a comment and tell me what you think! My coworkers seemed to really like my yellow version of the trend, but what do you think? 

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Tim W. said...

I actually really like the skirt--it's cute and definitely not the "usual" from Renee.

Now, don't hate me for saying this, but I really don't like it paired with the blouse you are wearing. I'm not sure if the ruffle with the paper bag top is just too busy for me, or if it's that the white just doesn't work with the yellow, IMO. But to me, you look a little like a waitress at a Bavarian restaurant, like you should be carrying a couple beer steins and a plate of brats. :-) (Of course, you'd have to get rid of the fabulous boots and put on some sensible shoes if you were waiting tables!)

I do think the turquoise in your glasses looks smashing with the yellow, so maybe something in that color family would work. I'm thinking a stretch jersey, maybe even a turtle neck, which would be appropriate for the cooler months ahead. Just my two cents. :-D

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