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Project Runway Season 9 Episode 12

What's up with picking four finalists? We all know that one of them will be eliminated before the Fashion Week showing, right? Isn't that always the way? Anyway, this episode was mildly interesting in terms of the drama and fashion, but what I really enjoyed was seeing what the designers themselves wore. That was far more interesting than the actual runway show. First, their outfits on Governor's Island

Ok, Laura and Viktor are reasonably dressed for a jaunt in the park and Kimberly looks amazing, even if those heels are a tad dressy for their outing. Of course, they dress prior to finding out where they're headed, so she's hardly to blame. Josh and Anya, though? What? Seriously? Anya, I know that mixed prints are all the rage, but that is not what I would call a sophisticated combination. And Josh's shorts should be illegal. Give that man a fashion citation. Ugh. And both of them chose horrific boots to wear. I can't even discuss them.

As for the runway, I think that each designer kind of dressed for their particular collection. 

Laura's obsession with that novelty circle fabric was what I thought would be her ultimate downfall. (And I couldn't be happier to see her go.) But in the end, it was that dowdy, nightgown-esque, ill-fitting monstrosity on the left that did her in. Her own dress is a poor choice as well. Perhaps if she had Kimberly's height, the length might be do-able, but she's so petite, it really doesn't do anything for her. And the color is so drab. Ugh. 

Kimberly's outfit looks like it could be a part of her collection- the mustard yellow is so fun and youthful. I'm sure she must have made them, knowing how great she is at pants. Honestly, one of her models would have benefited from a pair exactly like them. As for the rest of her collection, I like the asymmetry of it all, as well as the bright orange. I don't love the pewter brocade, but it works for the structural aspect of her designs. I love the coat, but I wish it was a bit sleeker, more fitted. 

Much like his vomit-worthy double-breasted salmon sport jacket, Josh's collection completely lacks any kind of appropriate taste level. The white dress is chic, but forgettable. The Statue-of-Liberty lurex dress is Tacky. Yes, with a capital "T." And the separates outfit is as unflattering as can be. That poor model looks terrible! I can't believe they put him through. Again, it must be for the ratings because it certainly isn't for the fashion. 

Viktor's "marketable" collection was criticized for being so, but I loved it. In fact, he once again wins my Would-I-Wear-It-Award, specifically for the skirt and top outfit. I love the cowl-drape of the skirt. The jacket is also pretty spectacular, and the LBD is fine- not his best work, or his worst. And I absolutely LOVE his outfit. I love a man who can rock a bow tie and Viktor has done it over and over again with panache. I'm definitely rooting for him as we head into the finale. 

Without Bert, I'm not sure Anya would have been the winner of this episode. The looks are beautifully designed and constructed. I think she will have an amazing collection to show at Fashion Week, as long as she can figure out how to sew it all. And her dress? SO sexy and cool. 

I'm not really expecting to be "wow-ed" at the runway shows for any of these designers except Viktor, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised. Ever the optimist, right? 

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the designers looks- the ones on the models and the ones they're wearing. 

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Tim W. said...

I think the judges got it right. Four designers have made it to the finale pretty much every season since season 3. Yes, one is usually eliminated just prior to the final runway, but it's only after another elimination where we get to see a "preview" (i.e. a three-piece collection) from their entire runway collection. I like this because it adds another layer of drama to the finale, and it gives us a chance to see what the designers do when given three months instead of a day and a half to put a look together. It's like the ultimate penultimate challenge. :-D

Besides, when you put Josh and Kimberly next to each other, it's really hard to favor one over the other. I hate Kimberly's shapeless, orange, Ross Dress for Less overcoat, and her party girl look is right out of Kim Kardashian's closet of stuff she'll never wear again (even her model looks like she could be a Kardashian!) But Josh is no better with his tasteless Statue of Liberty gown and chubby math geek-chic studded t-shirt. For me it comes down to the two cocktail dresses, and both are *fine* but neither is a *Wow*. Honestly, given the past challenges, it's pretty clear to me that Josh has more vision than Kimberly, and therefore more potential for a great runway. I'd rather see them both make it and then battle for the final spot during the finale.

I feel bad for Laura, who was never my favorite, not because she didn't deserve to go (she did) but because she's so deluded about her own design. She actually said she saw herself in the top three!? Really? All three of her looks were awful, especially the shapeless nightgown that looked like her model had actually slept in it. Her passion is awesome, and she seems like a sweet enough girl, but she needs a few more years to gain some perspective and maturity.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to Viktor and Anya, and that's the showdown I've been looking forward to for a few weeks. Anya is such a natural talent; she's ambitious, creative, and tenacious, three great qualities to have as a top designer. But Viktor is skilled, accomplished, and has a great eye for detail. It should be two great runway shows that complement each other. And then of course, there's Josh and Kimberly...either one could pull off a surprise given the extra time.

I'm looking forward to it, as always.

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