Monday, October 17, 2011

Color Inspiration: Pops of Poppy

I know they're not in season right now, but the color of poppies is perfect for fall. Deep, rich, vibrant red is a perfect accent to brighten up an otherwise drab fall outfit. It works with pretty much any neutral- from light camel to dark chocolate to any shade of grey out there. I've put together a few outfits using poppy as a fun accent color:

Pops of Poppy

I love to add a single bright color to an outfit to be the one "wildcard" item in my outfit. It makes for more visual interest and it's an easy way to stand out from the crowd.

What do you think of pops of poppy for fall? Leave a comment- tell me what you think!


Maria said...

I love it! Especially as the days get shorter and grayer, it's nice to have a pop of cheery color.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks, Maria- I completely agree. Sometimes I find it hard to pick just one color, though. :)

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