Monday, October 31, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Finale Part 2

I have to admit, this was a very disappointing finale episode for me. Not as disappointing as last season when Gretchen won, but pretty close. While Anya was a strong contender throughout the entire season, I always felt that Viktor was the superior designer and he was a more skilled technician. Anya's final collection didn't thrill me, but to be honest, neither did Viktor's. I believe Viktor's downfall was that he finished too early. When Tim Gunn announced they would be given an additional $500 and freedom to do whatever they liked with it, I believe that Viktor should have passed. He edited so much of his original pieces out and filled in with the weird sheer, S&M-esque looks. It was too dark, and not nearly inventive enough. It was his competition to lose and he certainly did.

If I were one of the judges, I would have fought for Kimberly to be the winner. She was the only designer who created a cohesive collection that was well-constructed and told a story. Her ivory pants look took my breath away:

I would LOVE to wear this outfit (minus the sheer part of the shirt- I'd have to layer a cami underneath or something). The cut and fit of the pants is amazing and I love the bow on the blouse. So gorgeous! The other two pieces that I would love to wear were both Viktor's and I'm sure neither will come as a surprise to you:

Both of these dresses are silhouettes I'm very accustomed to wearing, but I also love the prints of his fabrics. I love that he created prints and that they were meaningful to him as well as beautiful. I honestly wish that he had won- I just can't support the decision to crown Anya as the winner. 

What are your thoughts on the finale outcome? Please leave a comment- I'd love to know! And also leave a comment if you watched the new "Project Accessory" or if you are planning to watch "Project Runway All Stars." I'm looking forward to the All Stars show, but I'm also looking forward to seeing all the decoy runway shows this week. Have a great day, everyone! 


Maria said...

Yeah. That happened. I couldn't even be bothered to watch it. I won't watch All-Stars, either, but I'll probably check the recaps on Tom&Lorenzo and I'll read yours if you do them.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Maria! I am not sure if I'll be doing the recaps- they're fun, but my work schedule makes it difficult.

Jackie in La. said...

I won't be watching future episodes of PR or any spin-offs.
In fact, I'm pretty much giving up TV unless I'm catching up on old dramas/comedies rented thru Netflix. Reading, crafting, and quilting will keep me occupied.

Tim W. said...

The finale really bummed me out. I mean, thank goodness Joshua didn't win for his hideous hideous collection, but it's really hard to defend Anya as the winner. I was mostly unwilling to believe that the producers were engineering the outcome--until the final episode. After watching that, it did feel really contrived and it does shake my confidence in the integrity of the show.

However, I will be watching All-Stars. It's a cast of proven talent and personalities, and I'm really interested to see how they have changed since their original PR appearances.

As for this season, let's just agree that this season didn't happen, just like we all agree that seasons 5 and 6 didn't happen. (That's the Leanne and Irina seasons in case you are wondering) Everyone knows Viktor was the best designer of the season, but frankly, he choked the final runway. When half your looks are out of a goth Victoria Secret catalog, it doesn't matter how great the rest are, you aren't going to win. I just don't know what he was thinking.

I agree that Kimberly's collection was the most well put together, but she didn't put enough quality pieces down the runway to win either. Yes the pink dress was cute, the ivory pant and blouse was one of the strongest looks of the entire season, and personally I loved her asymmetrical blue dress. But the rest was pretty ho-hum, and a ho-hum collection has never won Project Runway.

Kimberly played it too safe, Viktor played it not safe enough, Joshua made gag-inducing clothes from acid green neoprene and plastic. That leaves Anya, whose collection lacked range, but at least was pretty, wearable, and relatable. She's also a likable winner who does seem likely to be successful in the world of fashion.

But of never happened.

P.S. I'll help with recaps if you want :-)

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