Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 11

Oh, Project Runway producers, you are getting so tricky! First, a fake-out: the designers think they're getting teamed up to work with a partner, but NO! They're getting paired as head-to-head competitors! Twist! And not only that, they have a bird as their inspiration! Not exactly a twist, but it's a little odd. Forced inspiration can really make a designer implode as Kimberly nearly did this week. An artist needs to feel inspired at his or her own pace, and I can't say that I would have done very well if I'd drawn a neon green parakeet to serve as my inspiration.

But wait- there's more! Tim announces they need to create a second look also inspired by the bird. Twist! And as if they hadn't already been through enough, when they get down to the end, Tim announces, "Just kidding- choose only one of your two looks to go down the runway." Twist of twists! And just plain mean if you ask me. That must have been torture for some of these designers, especially Viktor.

Let's explore the looks of the remaining six designers:

Viktor's Look
In the head-to-head competition between Viktor and Kimberly, I feel as though Viktor was robbed. This look is beautiful and the frayed organza actually looks like feathers. The color combination is perfect and it keeps this white gown from looking too bridal. 

Josh's Look
Josh is one of the lucky ones- if it weren't for the twist of creating a second look, he would have definitely gone home instead of Bert. That first look of his was atrocious! He really does need to learn to edit, though. I really hate the little fabric corsage he added to this otherwise stunningly chic dress. 

Laura's Look
I can't wait for Laura to go home. She is so clearly not in the same league as some of the other designers. Her work is immature, unrefined and often such a cliche. Maybe next week will be the end for her. We can hope, anyway. 

Bert's Look
Oh, Bert. It was time. I enjoyed watching him, but he hasn't really made anything that truly "wow-ed" me after the first episode. He was out of his league a bit, but he made a good effort throughout. I'll miss him fighting with the other contestants the most, I think. 

Kimberly's Look
Here's the thing: I feel like I've seen this look a million times before on a million red carpets. It's dated. It's not remarkable in any way. It only took three hours to sew. Sometimes, sewing quickly is impressive, but in this case, it was clear to me that Viktor's dress had so much more that went into it. They are the same silhouette, but I think Viktor did it better. I'm sure he knows that he wasn't truly in the "bottom," but it must have been rough to lose to Kimberly. 

Anya's Look

Anya, Anya, Anya. Why are we only now hearing about her lack of closures on her garments? The designers would not care at all about a detail like that if she wasn't a major contender. I do believe she could win it all this season. If you ask me, I think she's smart. It's easier and faster to sew a model into the dress than to install a zipper and risk it being ill-fitting or sloppy. In the end, her garments LOOK finished and polished on the runway. Isn't that what matters? Yes, they have to sew well, but it isn't Project Seamstress. It's about the design and she can design with the best of them. 

What did you think of this "For the Birds" episode? Leave a comment! 

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Maria said...

I agree with most of your assessments, except about Anya. When I saw the photo shoot at the end, I realized she won because she's beautiful and photogenic, not because of her design talent.

When other designers are being criticized and aufed for bad finishing, she shouldn't be praised for garments that have no closures.

I thought Viktor's look was better than Kimberly's too. I think he's far and away the most talented of the bunch, but I think the smart money is on Anya winning because the judges love her.

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